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Ispace Office Interiors is the best place for affordable new and used office furniture. For any person that is wanting to remodel a space or decorate it from scratch using the best team of experts available, we can work together to make your project happen. We pride ourselves on having the best products in Indiana, so we’ll go ahead and show you the top best office pieces for you to snap up.

  1. Bush Business Furniture Studio C 72W x 30D L Shaped Desk with Mobile File Cabinet: this piece works with everything. No matter the kind of space you are looking to create, this desk’s contemporary and practical nature simply elevates the room. You can choose it in White or Storm Gray. The wonder of it it’s the fresh finish, the laminate effect that protects all your valuables. It also has cable management that keeps everything easy on the eye but useful for your office. Its price, quality, and 10-year warranty make it practically irresistible. You can also see it with the option of adding a credenza, bookcase, hutch, and file cabinet. 
  2. Bush Business Furniture Studio C 5 Shelf Bookcase with Doors: It has exactly what you need for a bookcase. Adjustable shelves that can hold 50lbs each, in the perfect colors to help you illuminate a library or your belongings; this is perfect for any space you wish to incorporate it in. There is a liking in the shelves’ spacing, which helps you give it any use you want! Best part? There is a part of open shelves that everyone can see, and then doors, in which you can decide to store those elements best hidden to the public’s eye. 
  3. Office by Kathy Ireland Method 60W L Shaped Desk: This is a beautiful modern piece that can become the center of attention in any space. While mixing metal and wood, it gives the illusion of being a statement piece and at the same time extremely convenient because of its shape. Open just in the right amount. This adds a breath of fresh air because of its simplicity. It can be turned into a cubicle, a center table, or a conjunct space for people to be in. 
  4. Bush Business Furniture Studio C 72W x 24D L Shaped Desk with Hutch, 48W Height Adjustable Return and Storage: This piece is interesting because it’s pretty open, but it doesn’t make it simple. The way it’s constructed gives it flexibility, but lots of storage and surface, so it creates a great structure from which to continue adding. But we can’t deny it fills a room, especially with all the functionality that comes with it. 
  5. Bush Business Furniture Studio C 72W L Shaped Desk with Mobile File Cabinet and High Back Office Chair: finally, a cubicle. A vital piece for any office; it comes with a great chair made to endure all your office hours and make it easy for you to continue being there. You can also see this model with a hutch, bookcase, and even a multifunction chair if you prefer so.

For more models and options, don’t forget to browse our catalogs and contact our specialists, since they can find the adequate variation for you. Contact iSpace Office Interiors for the best modern new and used office furnishings in Indianapolis, Indiana: 317-694-7197

Office Furniture Indiana

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Office Furniture Indiana

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