Product Categories

iSpace Office Interiors offers an array of product solutions to solve any of your core office needs; while providing your company, organization, or personal space with high quality, long-lasting office equipment. iSpace product offerings are designed to boost company morale, maintain company quality standards, as well as improve business efficiencies.

Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Do you think “used cubicles” means mismatched bits and pieces? Think again!


Reception room furnishings can consist of durable sofas, stackable chairs, and many decorative accents that allow you to welcome guests in a unique and stylish manner.

Private Offices

The private office is an important part of the corporate culture.  It’s evolving into a nimble space to support the changes in today’s technology-rich, collaboration-focused workplace.


iSpace can assist you in designing an attractive open plan area for your employees to flourish in. Office cubicles or workstations can be dialed up or down depending upon your needs.


Benching systems are a great resource for companies who desire to create a more open and collaborative team effort. These collaborative systems allow for a simple, comprehensive, and flexible solution.

Collaborative Space

Effective collaborative office furniture creates a creative, relaxed environment where team members can work together in a more comfortable setting to improve ingenuity and productivity.

Conference Rooms

Allow the design staff at iSpace Office Interiors to assist you in drawing a layout for your new conference room that matches each of your exact needs and wants. The iSpace team will ensure that you find a conference room table solution that meets your needs perfectly–at the lowest cost possible.

Office Chairs

Whether you’re looking to create a traditional, contemporary, or modern environment, iSpace Office Interiors will help you find the right chairs to tie your whole workspace together.

Break Room/Cafe

Whether you are looking to bring some new excitement to your office break room or create an engaging atmosphere for a restaurant or cafeteria, iSpace will work with you to design and furnish your project from concept to completion.

Sit/Stand Furniture

Height adjustable desks can be a benefit to anyone who works in an office or spends hours a day sitting down. There are numerous studies that show the health benefits of sit/stand desks.


It is important to have a comfortable and effective learning environment. Whether you are an educational facility teaching students every day or a business that needs a space to train employees, iSpace Office Interiors can help design and provide the right furniture for your specific needs.

Technology and Workplace Tools

There are many different workplace tools that your employees will use throughout the day. iSpace strives to empower each employee by providing the tools that they will use the most.

Movable Walls

Movable walls bring more flexibility and fashion to your office. These walls can be rearranged if needed and have different material options.


All businesses and offices have blank space on their walls. Let iSpace Office Interiors help you add some color to your workplace.


Whether you are only looking for signs to mark your office restrooms or you are looking for interactive digital directories, iSpace Office Interiors will work with you to find the best product to match your process.


Employees may have different lighting needs depending on the type of task they are trying to accomplish. iSpace Office Interiors will work with you and your team to determine the proper amount of light that is needed for your employees to be the most productive and efficient that they can be.