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What is a benching style workstation?

The modern style of Benching workstations is designed for any business looking to create a more open collaborative feeling workspace. These benching solutions work especially well with project teams and functional groups since they pair the group tabling with simple, yet powerful technology. This enables teams to innovate faster as information is shared quickly and seamlessly.

Why should I use a benching style workstation instead of a more traditional style of workstation?

No panels are used to divide the workstations, so the Benching systems are a great resource for companies who desire to create a more open and collaborative team effort. These collaborative systems allow for a simple, comprehensive, and flexible solution. They combine work surfaces, integrated storage, desk organization, and cable management.

Are benching style workstations more expensive than the traditional workstation design?

Not necessarily. Benching and traditional cubicles can be similarly priced but offer different styles of working.

How do benching style workstations lead to higher employee productivity?

Standard Tables and grouping methods create difficult collaborative arenas and tend to be ineffective from a worker and group standpoint. Benching systems utilize a modular design that adapts easily to maximize real estate and adjust to changing business needs.