• open office concept with different seating options
  • cozy office couch
  • purple office furniture
  • open break room concept with several workstations
  • modern conference room with high back white office chairs
  • Collaborative workspace for employees
  • Tall conference tables with beautiful rustic orange stools
  • high top table with matching chairs
  • high back office chairs
  • bright orange break room tables

Collaborative Space Furniture

Who can benefit from a well designed collaborative space?

A well designed collaborative space benefits employees through a more welcoming and natural feeling workplace. This ends up boosting employee productivity, efficiency, and morale which ends up boosting your whole company.

What does a well designed collaborative space accomplish?

Effective collaborative office furniture creates a creative, relaxed environment where team members can work together in a more comfortable setting to improve ingenuity and productivity. Depending on your type of business and your company culture, collaborative workspaces can be designed to be as formal or casual as you would like.

Where can a collaborative workspace fit in my current office space?

Collaboration can occur in many different places: in a standalone meeting room, an unoccupied corner, or even in the middle of a group of workstations. iSpace will work with you and your office layout to design the most productive and efficient design that suits your company’s and employees’ needs.

When is it time to replace collaborative office furniture?

With the growing bond between technology and the workplace, it is never too early to start looking around your office for places where you are losing possible employee production due to outdated office furniture/equipment. With over 20 years of experience in the office furniture industry, iSpace can help you identify areas within your office space that may need to be updated.

Why might a collaborative workspace be needed within my company?

Within a hectic office, there may not always be space or opportunity to create an engaging, cohesive group area. iSpace integrates people, space and technology with the best products on the market. From simple lounge spaces to mobile collaboration stations, our workspace solutions provide you with the best tools for innovation.