Office Interior Design & Office Remodel

Who does the iSpace design and remodel team consist of?

The iSpace Office Interiors team consists of network partners who we have built a relationship with through years of working together. Our partners have concentrations in design thinking, space management, artistic flows, among many other fields. iSpace works alongside you to assure your textures, colors, and overall space feel meet and exceeds initial expectations.

What does iSpace provide?

iSpace Office Interiors believes in creating well-designed spaces that are inviting to your clients but also are designed to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your employees. Our iSpace team is committed to seeing your project through from concept to completion and can provide assistance for your company anywhere along the way.

Where does the interior design process take place?

Within your facility we are able to design from the bottom up! Ranging from furniture installation and basic remodel, all the way to aesthetic lounge areas and wall art.

When is the time to start the interior design process?

Interior Design is a process that begins simultaneously with Space Planning, once we have evaluated your office space and needs; our iSpace office furniture team is able to move forward in the planning of design and structural ideas.

Why should I trust iSpace with my project?

iSpace Office Interiors supports our client’s from planning and design to delivery and installation. The iSpace reputation has been proven by our strong history and track record of on-time performance and unique ideas. Further, our iSpace team is made of up a great group who will work hard for you and then stand by you for years to come.