• U Shaped School Desk
  • school desk
  • school desk
  • two person desks perfect for the classroom
  • yellow chairs and large workspace for classroom
  • conference table used as school desks in college


Who has iSpace worked with?

In the past, iSpace Office Interiors has worked with both businesses and educational facilities to provide training room furniture and equipment. iSpace can show you different designs and options to utilize your space as well as maximize student/employee focus.

What is training room furniture?

Training room furniture consists of tables, desks, chairs, benching, and stools that are all designed to help improve the comfort and efficiency of employees and students. Training/education furniture can either be a more permanent piece, or it can be foldable for ease of storage.

Where is training room/educational furniture used?

High schools, colleges, businesses, and churches all have the need for training room furniture and iSpace Office Interiors is experienced in working with all four of these types of organizations and many more.

When will I use training/educational furniture?

Training room furniture can either be a more permanent fixture for places such as lecture halls, or it can come with casters and the capability to fold it up and store it until the next time it is needed.

Why is training room furniture important?

It is important to have a comfortable and effective learning environment. Whether you are an educational facility teaching students every day or a business that needs a space to train employees, iSpace Office Interiors can help design and provide the right furniture for your specific needs.