From start to finish, iSpace Office Interiors makes available a wide range of services to complement your product solutions. iSpace provides everything from initial FREE space planning and interior design essentials to Ergonomic Analysis and Cabling, Data & Phone System set-up for office connectivity. The team at iSpace looks forward to assisting you as you develop and excel your workspace!

Pre Owned Office Furniture

Do you think “used cubicles” means mismatched bits and pieces? Think again!

Bench style desks

Free Space Planning

The iSpace team takes pride in creating Space Plans from concept to completion for our customers. iSpace believes in developing intelligent and intuitive workspaces that meet the needs of your company.

Open office concept with several employee desks

Interior Design and Office Remodel

Interior Design is a process that begins simultaneously with Space Planning, once the iSpace team has evaluated your office space and needs; we are able to move forward in the planning of design and structural ideas.

Reception waiting lobby with lots of seating options

Delivery, Installation, and Reconfiguration

The iSpace installation team is built from a collective of exceptionally skilled and highly motivated individuals who work on a quality basis and pay attention to detail beyond a satisfactory standard.

bench style workstation at office business

Sound Management

iSpace utilizes sound masking technology to achieve speech privacy for a specific area that is plagued by distraction and discomfort.  This is done by adding neutral noise to the background so as to render the distracting noise powerless.

blue cubicle with u shaped desk

Ergonomic Analysis

Healthy employees are your best asset. Our iSpace Ergonomics team can provide an assessment and make recommendations that will help to reduce employee fatigue, injuries, and improve employee attendance and participation.

office setting with 4 desks

Cabling, Data, and Phone Systems

The Structured Cable System is the backbone of your communications. A poor cable system will cause telephones to malfunction and data systems to run slow or not at all.

desks in room with large windows

Repairs and Cleaning

From repairing dings or scratches to soiled divider panels, our iSpace professional cleaners can handle the job. This repair and cleaning may be used as either a one-time service or as ongoing scheduled maintenance.

conference room

Move Management

iSpace has experienced installers who can efficiently disassemble and reassemble your office furniture with minimal risk of damaging the furniture.

Conference Room Used Office Furniture Indianapolis

Furniture Liquidation

iSpace has an established network of business partners and acquaintances from the last twenty years from whom we can seek out a buyer for your used office furniture. Let iSpace use our experience and do the hard work for you.

office cubicles


Lease Options

Office furniture leasing allows you to be able to have the convenience of a furnished office without the large upfront cost. It also gives you the flexibility of only having a specific piece of furniture for a short period of time.