Office Cabling, Data and Phone Systems

Who installs the cabling, data, and phone systems?

The iSpace Office Interiors installation team is built from a collective of exceptionally skilled and highly motivated individuals who work on a quality basis and pay attention to detail beyond a satisfactory standard.

What is cabling & data used for?

The Structured Cable System is the backbone of your communications. Your telephone and data equipment rely on the cable system to transport voice and data information from station to station and to the outside world. A poor cable system will cause telephones to malfunction and data systems to run slow or not at all.

Where may new cabling and data be required?

Nearly everywhere in your office has cabling and data to some extent. However, it is not necessary for every room to be wired up the exact same. Allow the cabling and data experts from iSpace to make sure that your office space is a safe and productive environment.

When is it necessary to update my cabling system?

Cabling & Data have become an increasingly popular service demand, as it ties companies in with their connection to power a section or plant. With the demand for communications and information technology of today, many people have jumped into the arena of providing voice and data cable systems. The problem is most of them do not understand the need for a Structured Cable System or even what a Structured Cable System is.

Why is updated cabling important?

Managing and designing separate systems to support voice and data will become a thing of the past. System designers now have to plan telecommunications infrastructures without knowing whether any given user will require two voice ports, such as phone and fax, with one data port or only one voice and two data ports, such as Ethernet and video.