Delivery and Installation

Who will be installing my new office furniture?

The iSpace Office Interiors installation team is built from a collective of exceptionally skilled and highly motivated individuals who work on a quality basis and pay attention to detail beyond a satisfactory standard.

What can I expect from the delivery and installation process?

When you choose iSpace Office Interiors, you can expect your products to be delivered on time; your items will be accurately installed, and lastly, tested to function properly. Our customers can be assured that their office furniture is installed in a manner that will ensure functionality and longevity. iSpace Office Interiors will work around your schedule to be able to cause the least amount of disturbance to your normal level of production.

Where can I have my furniture delivered?

iSpace Office Interiors is more than happy to deliver your items directly to your workplace or facility or we can have the products shipped to our warehouse and then have our install team transport them to your location.

When can I expect to have my furniture?

Due to our local and widespread suppliers, iSpace Office Interiors is able to guarantee quick lead times, which bring you your products sooner. Depending on the products chosen and the scope of the project, you can typically expect to have your furniture delivered and installed in 5-20 days.

Why should I trust the iSpace delivery and installation team?

iSpace Office Interiors supports our client’s from planning and design to delivery and installation. The iSpace reputation has been proven by our strong history and track record of on-time performance and unique ideas. If an issue comes up anytime throughout the process iSpace will fix it, even if it was not our fault.