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Who needs office signage?

All companies use office signage to some extent. Whether you are only looking for signs to mark your office restrooms or you are looking for interactive digital directories, iSpace Office Interiors will work with you to find the best product to match your process.

What does office signage look like?

Office signage does not always have to look traditional. There are many new modern signs and office tags that can compliment your company’s modern or contemporary look.

Where should signage be placed?

This can be a difficult question for companies to answer. On one hand you do not want your office to have so little signage that customers feel as if they are lost, and on the other hand, you do not want your customers to feel as though they are being overwhelmed. Allow our iSpace team to look at your office and share our knowledge and advice with you.

When does office signage become necessary?

Signage becomes necessary whenever your office space is so large that customers feel lost trying to find a particular room. It is very important that your customers and clients feel at home in your office. Office signage is an easy way to help them to become acquainted with your space.