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Sit/Stand Furniture

Who needs a sit/stand desk?

Height adjustable desks can be a benefit to anyone who works in an office or spends hours a day sitting down. There are numerous studies that show the health benefits of sit/stand desks. Some of the possible benefits from a height-adjustable desk are; a lowered risk of weight gain, lowered blood sugar levels, lower risk of heart attack, back pain reduction, and increased energy and productivity.

What does a sit/stand desk feature?

A sit/stand desk can be raised or lowered to give the freedom of standing during the workday without a loss of productivity. They can even be used to reduce the pressure on your joints from an awkward desk height.

Where can a sit/stand desk be installed?

A sit/stand desk can replace nearly any existing desk no matter what the size or shape is.

When would a sit/stand desk be helpful?

The average office worker spends about 10 hours a day sitting down. Along with sitting for a long portion of each day are many health hazards. These hazards are believed to be reduced or avoided completely by spending 2-4 more hours a day standing.

Why should I use a sit/stand desk?

Not only are there apparent health concerns with sitting for long periods of time, but there is also a peace of mind that comes with the freedom to adjust the height of your desk.