Modern office design trends are continuing to evolve in 2019. Although you’ll still find traditional, big wooden desks, offices are tending to sway towards ergonomic furniture and shared-spaces. Here are our 4 predictions for office design trends in 2019!

  1. “Smarter” Office Furniture

As technology and research advances, it’s become apparent that the ergonomics of office furniture matters not just for office productivity but for health.

With as much time as we all spend sitting a day, ergonomic office furniture, including standing desks and office chairs, are absolutely vital for your health. In 2019, businesses will start incorporating more health promoting, high-quality furniture.

  1. Open Floor Plans

Co-working spaces were already making their debut in 2018, and we don’t think they’ll stay there. The walls are starting to come down – literally.

Businesses are starting to tear away the walls that once divided their employees so that everyone shares the same space and resources. Instead, they are opting for moveable walls or no walls at all. The shift to a more communal design has been shown to boost collaboration, productivity, creativity, and problem-solving.

  1. Resimercial Design

Employees are increasing their demand for positive workspaces, and with that comes a new expectation for office features. The answer? Resimercial design.

Resimercial design is a crossover between residential and commercial workspaces. Its styling has more of a comfortable and relaxed feel that promotes efficiency and improves employee retention and creativity. Picture couches, collaborative workspaces, and sit/stand desks.

  1. Communal Workspaces with an Option For Privacy

Even if you aren’t quite sold on the resimercial design, the concept of providing different types of workspaces for employees is still big in 2019.

Business owners are realizing how important it is to allow employees the space to problem-solve together while also giving them the option for quiet, deep-work in private offices or workstations.

Modern Office Furniture

Want to keep your office design up-to-date? Opt for a more open floor plan containing high-quality, ergonomic office furniture, and shared-spaces with the option for privacy.

Not sure where to start? iSpace Office Interiors offers interior design, ergonomic analysis, and FREE space planning. We will help you design an office that best suits your business. Give us a call at (317) 694-7197, get a quote, or head into our office at 6830 Industry Drive C, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

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