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  • Breakroom table set

Cafe and Break Room Furniture

Who can benefit from new break room furniture?

Whether you are looking to bring some new excitement to your office break room or create an engaging atmosphere for a restaurant or cafeteria, iSpace will work with you to design and furnish your project from concept to completion. Whether you’re outfitting your break room for a few people or for a large corporation, iSpace Office Interiors has an affordable solution with style and comfort.

What does iSpace Office Interiors provide?

We work with multiple suppliers to be able to provide our customers with the most options available for their projects. From traditional styles to more modern or contemporary looks, we can help you discover the look and feel that best suits your business.

Where do I put break room furniture?

Break room furniture can be used in other areas of your business than just an employee lounge, such as a relaxed conference lounge.

When is new break room furniture necessary?

Oftentimes break room furniture is old and out of style and comfortability. This can be demoralizing to employees whether they are directly aware of it or not. Let iSpace take a look at your existing break room and give you a free design to restore employee satisfaction.

Why is break room/café furniture important?

Having a comfortable place to relax for lunch or just take a break from the grind can boost employee morale and help create a collaborative and fun environment in which to work.