Office Move Management

Who can benefit from move management services?

If your company is relocating, the last thing that you need to worry about is moving your existing office furniture to your new location. Trust iSpace Office Interiors to move and reinstall your old workstations, cubicles, reception desks, etc. to your new location.

What is move management?

iSpace Office Interiors will move/relocate any existing office furniture even if you did not purchase it from us.

Where does iSpace work?

Our iSpace Office Interiors staff will work carefully and efficiently to move your workspace wherever your business goes.

When will my furniture be moved?

iSpace Office Interiors is able to work around your moving schedule to help ease the hassle and pain of moving from one location to the next.

Why is iSpace Office Interiors the best fit for the job?

Sure you could hire a conventional moving company with little experience in furniture to move your cubicles and workstations, but why not hire a company that specializes in office interiors who deals with shipping furniture daily? iSpace Office Interiors has experienced installers who can efficiently disassemble and reassemble your office furniture with minimal risk of damaging the furniture.