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Moveable Walls

Who could use movable walls?

These walls are great for startups and established businesses alike. Movable walls are great for startups that may need to change their office space around multiple times in the coming years to account for new employees. Established companies can use these walls in large open work areas as sound insulation without building permanent obstructive walls.

What are movable walls?

Movable walls are walls that can be relocated, mounted and un-mounted, and re-installed at different locations. These walls can be powered like a normal drywall wall, but they can come in many different designs and can be made of different types of materials. They can be used to divide offices for privacy or for sound insulating purposes.

Where can I put movable walls?

As the name suggests, movable walls can be installed and reinstalled nearly anywhere. They are extremely versatile and are perfect for growing companies that constantly have to change office layouts.

When can I move a wall?

The joy of movable walls is that they can be rearranged and moved with little effort, especially compared to traditional drywall walls. Though they still require some amount of work, it is far faster and easier to tear down, move, and reinstall these walls than nearly any other type of wall available.

Why do I need movable walls?

Movable walls bring more flexibility and fashion to your office. These walls can be rearranged if needed and have different material options.