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Workstations and Cubicle Furniture Indianapolis IN

Whether you are a local startup company that employs few individuals or an international company that employs thousands with many locations, ISpace can assist you in designing an attractive open plan area for your employees to flourish in. Office cubicles or workstations can be dialed up or down depending upon your needs. From a modern silver & glass look to more traditional workstations, iSpace office cubicles are designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing years of use. Let iSpace design your space and provide you with a practical and functional office furniture solution. There is no limit to the configurations available.

What is the trend for today’s workstations/cubicles?

The need for office cubicles and workstations has remained constant with the growing workforce. However, the panel heights have started to come down to create a more open collaborative feel. iSpace can design a plan that is perfect for you but also incorporates the style and image you like. Call us today for a free office design.

How do I deal with power and data in my workstations?

Cubicles and workstations can be designed with power & data connections built into the system either at the work surface height for easy access or the more traditional location in the base of the panels. Our design teams work closely with your data team to ensure all the small details are accounted for with no surprises. We also have our own data team available if you don’t have one.

How do I deal with sound privacy if we lower the cubicle walls?

iSpace Office Interiors has accommodated many clients who have lowered their cubicle walls with a sound privacy system that works to minimize the noise that distracts your employees preventing them from working efficiently and productively. See the iSpace Sound Management section for a better understanding of that process.

What types of workstations or cubicles can you provide?

iSpace takes the time to interview you first and then will provide your team with several design options to select from. There is no limit to the designs we can produce from simple call center workstations, larger management workstations with doors, to curved and 120-degree style workstations.

What is our lead time for office cubicles and workstations?

Once we have the design nailed down (a 1-3-day process), iSpace can deliver and install workstations as quickly as 5-7 days or as long as 3-4 weeks depending upon the complexity of the design.