Office Repairs and Cleaning

Who needs office repairs/cleaning?

All workplace furniture will eventually need to be cleaned or repaired. At iSpace Office Interiors, we stay with our customers long after their project is completed. iSpace will work hard to provide efficient work with minimal to no interruption to you or your employees.

What does iSpace Office Interiors provide?

iSpace Office Interiors can provide a contract cleaning service. From repairing dings or scratches to soiled divider panels, our professional cleaners can handle the job. This repair and cleaning may be used as either a one-time service or as ongoing scheduled maintenance.

Where do the cleaning/repairs take place?

All of our cleaning and repair services are performed on-site unless it is a special circumstance. This enables our iSpace team to work faster, more efficiently, and therefore save you money.

When will the repair/cleaning service occur?

iSpace Office Interiors will do our best to do our work when it least disturbs yours.

Why does iSpace provide cleaning/repair services?

At iSpace Office Interiors, we are committed to our customers from the moment we first meet you. One of our experienced personnel will be happy to help ensure that your furniture will last for many years to come.