5 Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The average person spends almost $140 on Valentine’s Day gifts. And most are no longer looking for the generic jewelry and flowers. They want unique Valentine’s Day ideas! As a business owner, this is the perfect time to offer note-worthy promotions. Not sure how to market your great ideas? Here are our 5 tips!

  1. Start planning early

Even though Valentine’s Day shoppers wait until the last minute, you shouldn’t. Get started developing your marketing plan early on. This should include ideas of both digital and printed advertising, as well as a plan for a special themed landing page or website banner. This landing page or banner should highlight each of your promotions.

Also, if you are including printed items or promotional products in your marketing strategy, you’ll need enough time to have these developed and created.

  1. Create specific holiday promotions

Make use of the holiday and engage your customers in promotions they just can’t pass up. If you don’t, your competitor will!

Some ideas of Valentine’s promotions you could do include discounts, free gift wrapping, adding a little gift with their purchase, or free shipping. A great way to advertise this is through pop-ups on your website.

  1. Offer your customers something of value

Your customer chose to shop with your business over others. So why not reward them with something of value like free shipping? If you can’t afford to offer free shipping, offer free shipping after a certain dollar amount is made. Set this threshold a little higher than your average purchase size.

This is also a great way to draw customers to your promotions over your competitors if you haven’t already swayed them!

  1. Utilize email marketing

The goal of marketing is to get news of your Valentine’s Day deals out to as many people as possible. A great way to do this is through email marketing. After you have created a Valentine’s specific landing page, send out an email advertising your promotion and leading customers straight to your website. Don’t be afraid to send re-engagement emails either! Valentine’s is full of procrastinators.

  1. Go custom

Since Valentine’s day is one of the most profitable holidays of the year, you’re going to have some competition. Which means you’ll have to get creative with the marketing of your promotions. The easiest way to do this? Go custom!

Old school flyers will always have a place in the marketing world. Try printing out brochures, counter cards, or mailing promotion cards branded for Valentine’s Day. Or, if you planned early enough in advance, you can hand out promotional products through the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Don’t Forget to Share Some Love With Your Business Friends

If you fall more into the B2B category over the B2C, we haven’t forgotten about you! An easy way to show appreciation for your customers is to send them a food gift basket. iSpace Office Printing and Promotional Products will add your logo to your gourmet food gift order and drop ship it directly to your customer – freshness guaranteed!

Food gift orders are a great, unique way to promote your brand while showing appreciation. Just make sure that you pick a quality food basket that prioritizes freshness and quick delivery like iSpace does!

Stress-Free Valentine’s Marketing

There it is, 5 simple ways you can set your promotions apart this Valentine’s Day! As long as you plan ahead, create holiday-specific promotions, offer something of value, utilize both digital and printed advertising, and set yourself apart you’ll see a boost in sales.

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