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Employers are tasked with providing functional spaces for their employees. The space in which we work has an impact on productivity. So, you should want to provide the best space possible to help with the quality of work that your employees submit. If you currently have a physical space, now might be a good time to remodel.

This is where space plans come in. Whether you need additional space, remodeling for safety considerations, or you have found a problem in your office’s circulation patterns, iSpace Office Interiors can help. Proper space planning makes quite the difference in enhancing workplace productivity, attracting and maintaining your workforce, and efficiently using your office space.

What is space planning in interior design?

The interior design process begins with space plans. The first step is to determine how the space will be used. Next, the designer maps out various zones of the office. Each zone is allotted for a specific activity, such as personal spaces and collaborative spaces. Also, space plans determine the circulation pattern within your space, enabling you to see how your employees move around the area.

Why is space planning important for effective interior design?

Space planning helps ensure that the office design is suitable for the people who use it. Additionally, the final office floor plans are produced using these plans. Without a proper space plan, many issues can occur, such as mobility concerns and not having adequate floor space for equipment. A plan ensures that you have a beautiful space and a space where employees move without obstructions and can conveniently find what they need.

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5 Ways Space Planning Can Help You Prepare for an Office Remodel

A campus space, a commercial space, or an office space; whatever your current space is, it can be utilized better with a plan. Here are five ways space planning can help you prepare for an office remodel:

1. Goal-Setting

The first step to remodeling is to set goals. The space plan helps you narrow your goals to only the most beneficial and useful ones. Various questions will come to mind as you set your goals. The answers to these questions determine whether or not an action is necessary. Prioritizing which goal takes precedence over the other is no easy feat, but the plan helps speed up this process.

2. Redesigning Success

The basic functionalities of your office space usually remain in place. Built-in fixtures such as light placements and switches, power outlets, plumbing, and other permanent fixtures with distinct functions will stay as-is. Still, that leaves a lot of room for redesigning. Having a plan prevents you from aimlessly experimenting with how your office design looks. Each action you take is backed by the plan with a beneficial result. Randomly placing furniture and other equipment in an area just because you feel like it can fit there is a mistake that you can avoid. With the plan, you can maintain the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

3. Employee Well-Being Concerns

Office design affects employees and their well-being. A remodel might be the exact thing your office needs to offer a healthier workplace for your employees. Your employee well-being must be the priority in your office remodeling, and the plan ensures that this priority is taken seriously. We consider all things, such as air intake, whether or not the space uses artificial lighting or ambient lighting, and the location and number of plants – All of which play a part in improving your employees’ state of mind.

4. Safety and Security

In the event of emergencies, it is crucial to keep contiguous spaces free of obstruction. Bulky, heavy furniture and equipment must be placed in areas that keep it out of your employees’ right of way. Under normal circumstances, the circulation passageway is designed for accessibility, especially for differently-abled people. A space plan helps ensure that these spaces stay that way should natural calamities happen. 

Additionally, security equipment, such as cameras, biometrics scanners, metal detectors, and other equipment required in the building codes must have a degree of inconspicuousness. 

5. Save Time and Money

Space planning ensures that you develop well-thought-out ideas, saving your time, money, and effort on initiatives that are guaranteed to achieve the best results. With a plan, you waste zero space, avoid purchasing mediocre furniture and make the best choices for your employees’ health and productivity, as well as your brand.

Effective Space Planning By iSpace Office Interiors

Convinced that you need space planning for your office? Excellent! The best part about iSpace Office Interiors’ space planning services is that it’s completely free. We can also offer you project management throughout the remodeling process and cap off your new space with great-looking, affordable office furniture!
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