Carrying out an office remodel requires a certain degree of management in order to be a success. If you’re making significant changes to your office property, there are a vast number of details to organize. From sourcing the necessary materials to designing a blueprint for your office remodel, there is a lot to do and handling all of these details on your own is next to impossible. With so many important decisions to be made at every turn of an office remodel project, hiring a project manager is crucial.

Today, iSpace Office Interiors is going to discuss seven signs that you need a project manager for an office remodel. When taking each of these factors into consideration, you’ll have a much easier time determining whether or not a project manager is necessary for your upcoming office remodeling project. Once you’re able to recognize these signs, you’ll know when to hire a project manager, as well as how hiring one will benefit your project. Let’s get started!

7 Signs A Project Manager is Necessary for Your Office Remodel

1. You Have a Large-Scale Remodeling Project

The first thing you need to consider when thinking about hiring a project manager is the scale of your office remodeling project. As a general rule, the higher the budget and the more complicated the office remodel project, the more value you will see from hiring a dedicated project manager. As dedicated planning professionals, project managers can save you a lot of time and stress.

A project manager’s primary purpose is to take your office remodel plans and turn them into a reality while remaining within your budget and timeline. An estimated 90 percent of remodeling projects that are unprofessionally managed end up exceeding their budget by at least 20 percent. If you want to save money and have your office remodeling project completed on time, a project manager is necessary.

2. Consider the Benefits That a Project Manager Can Bring

The next sign that you need a project manager for your office remodel has to do with the benefits a project manager can offer you. If you think about the benefits of hiring an office manager and find that the pros far outweigh any cons, you likely need a project manager for your remodel. So what are some of the benefits of hiring a dedicated project manager? Here are a few that you should keep in mind as you make your decision:

    • Saves considerable time, effort, and stress
    • Will oversee day-to-day remodeling operations for you
    • Will oversee budgeting to ensure you remain within your specified budget
    • Can source and hire necessary contractors for you
    • Provide quality assurance
    • Gives you the freedom to focus on your job responsibilities

3. You’ve Decided You Won’t Be Better Off Overseeing Project Management Yourself

A project manager should only ever add value. For this reason, depending on your funds, sometimes it’s a better option to oversee management yourself. However, if you aren’t on a tight budget and see the value of being able to dedicate your time to other responsibilities, this is a huge sign that you should probably hire a project manager for your office remodel. If you find that all of the responsibilities of handling an office remodel will put too much on your plate, you owe it to the success of your remodel to hire a project manager.

4. You Require Quality Craftsmanship

An office remodel can be a huge investment and every company owner needs to be absolutely sure that their supplies and installation are of the utmost quality. Along with helping you choose the right materials, a project manager will understand the level of quality and professionalism that is required to make your office remodel a success. One of your project manager’s main responsibilities is to oversee the installation and construction processes in order to ensure the highest quality.

5. You Need a Main Point of Contact

It’s incredibly frustrating to have a question about materials or services and not be able to reach anyone. When you’re undergoing an office remodel, communication is key. Having a project manager on-site each day allows you the peace of mind of knowing that you have someone in place to act as the main point of contact no matter the situation. If you have a comment, question, or concern about the remodeling process, your project manager will be able to be reached easily to answer all of your questions.

6. You Need Someone to Ensure Each Phase of Your Office Remodel Goes Smoothly

In a perfect world, your office remodeling project would be executed smoothly and quickly, with each phase of the project going off without a hitch. Unfortunately, however, sometimes unexpected issues arise, and planning for these types of unexpected disturbances is part of planning an office remodel efficiently. When you hire a project manager, they will be responsible for overseeing each phase of the remodeling process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you need someone in place whose job is to keep everything moving along in a timely manner, hiring a project manager is a must.

7. You Don’t Have Enough Time to Handle Scheduling Yourself

Finally, although you may not realize it, even the simplest of office remodeling projects require a fair amount of coordinating schedules with contractors and trade professionals. Scheduling alone can take up a lot of time.

Not only will you have to be educated about the order in which things need to be done, but you must also take into consideration the amount of time that each phase of the remodel will take. If you find that you will not have sufficient time or knowledge to handle scheduling during the course of your office remodel, you should definitely hire a project manager to handle this sometimes complicated task for you.

Interior Design and Office Remodel Services Done Right

Now that you know 7 of the biggest signs that you need a project manager for a remodel, it’s time to learn more about interior design and office remodeling services that can help you. Here at iSpace Office Interiors, we specialize in creating well-designed office spaces, and we are committed to seeing your project through throughout every stage of the remodeling process. We support our clients during each phase- from planning and design to delivery and installation. Trust no less than the best with your upcoming office remodel project! Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you on your journey.

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