A clean work environment has numerous tangible benefits for your employees, customers, and even your physical building. But as an entrepreneur or a business owner, the cleanliness of your workspace is probably not the first thing that comes to mind each day.  We understand. However, having a clean and healthy workspace is a major cornerstone when it comes to running a successful business, as well as contributes to the happiness, health, and productivity of your employees. Below are some good reasons to invest in a regular office furniture cleaning service for your business.

Office Cleaning Improves the Health of the Public and the Workforce

Colds, germs and other illnesses can spread like wildfire through an office or any other public building. Keeping your building clean will drastically reduce this spread. Regular cleaning leads to a decrease in sick days and an increase in employee happiness. It’s as simple as that!

Help Improve Employee Productivity and Efficiency

Who doesn’t want happier, more productive employees? Turns out, a lot of employees consider their workplaces as a second home and as such, you need to focus your efforts on keeping the space and furniture clean and tidy. A disorganized workspace really slows down office productivity. Employees can’t work at their best when surrounded by filth, clutter, and disarray. If the office is a mess, people don’t want to stick around any longer than necessary. Therefore, a regular office furniture cleaning makes the workday far more pleasant. Employees will feel comfortable at their desk, in the break room and even when in the bathroom. Plus, hiring a professional cleaning service helps your employees feel valued.

A Happy Employee is a Happy Business

Your employees are a direct representation of your brand and business. These days, most companies are using their employees as a marketing channel. They talk about their work with their friends and families and promote products and services they’re working on using various social media platforms. So think about it… if your employee is unhappy or dissatisfied with their work environment, they are less likely to participate in any type of business-related promotion.

Office Cleaning Improves Customer Satisfaction

People aren’t very comfortable visiting a professional environment that is cluttered, dirty or disorganized. A messy office doesn’t project professionalism or respectability. So, potential customers and clients will immediately judge your business from the moment they walk in the front door. Even if you’re the absolute best at what you do, a dirty office environment will cause people to doubt your capabilities.

The State of Your Office Sends a Message

On the other hand, a clean office tells a different story. It looks appealing and more importantly, is welcoming to any potential clients. When the floors and furniture are clean, the surfaces clutter-free and the air clear, people will immediately form a positive impression. This is a business that clearly cares about the details. The employees here are valued.

Prevent Major Problems

Regular office furniture cleaning and maintenance helps identify and treat minor issues before they become major concerns. For instance, small floor stains can easily be removed a day or two after they develop. But if they’re not treated relatively quickly, they’ll eventually set into the carpet and become almost impossible to remove.

Professional office furniture and space cleaning also helps prevent the build-up of mold, rot and even insect and rodent infestations. A professional cleaner will keep a close eye out for any potential problems.

Create a Lasting Impression

Leaving a good impression relates to your role as an employer as well. In order to retain both clients and employees, you need to put in your best efforts in order to satisfy both sides. This is especially true when you are welcoming a potential new employee. What they see at the start will form their opinion on their own part in the company that they may potentially work for.

Running a business has no shortage of challenges. Cleaning shouldn’t be one of them. From repairing dings or scratches to soiled divider panels, iSpace Office Interiors professional cleaners can handle the job of your office furniture cleaning needs. Visit us here or call (317) 694-7197.

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