Interior design efforts are usually focused toward living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms, but taking the time to decorate your office is just as important. A study done by the Affordable Art Fair and YouGov recently found that 30% of British employees feel having art in the office is crucial to increasing productivity and 25% feel that art in the workplace stimulates creativity and problem solving.

Workplace art has also been proven to be beneficial to workers’ well-being, which is important as offices can easily transform into places of tension and stress. A 2007 study called “Anger and Stress: The Role of Landscape Posters in an Office Setting” found that people who work in aesthetically-engaging decorated offices experience less anger and stress in response to work-related frustration, thereby creating a more enjoyable and productive workplace. Art in your office can be a great way to spark creativity, keep workers relaxed, and motivate you to be productive during work times.

If you’re looking to invest in artwork for your office but are struggling to pick the right color or piece for the atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place! Our staff at iSpace Office Interiors has compiled this guide to help you choose the best artwork for your office.


When selecting artwork for your office space, it is essential to understand the impact of color, as the colors you choose can have a profound effect on the way the space feels. We recommend selecting colors that will have a desired influence on your mood.

Color psychology studies have shown that 60% of your response to a room is influenced by color. Bright colors such as yellow and orange can revitalize the energy of a space, enhancing thinking ability and creating a cheerful mood. Cool blues and purples can bring a sense of calm and order to a room, improving focus and productivity. Whites and browns can allow a space to feel stable and approachable, creating a workspace where you feel comfortable and welcome.

Choosing art that is on the opposite side of the color spectrum from the wall paint or furniture can make your office feel fresh and exhilarating, while pairing wall tones with artwork can instantly soothe and calm the room. If you already have a piece of art that acts as a centerpiece in your office, a simple fresh coat of paint on the walls can reinvigorate the space.

If the room lacks a focal point, consider art that involves a strong pop of color to pull the room’s furnishings together. It is important to remember that light colors can expand a small space, while warm tones can make a larger room feel cozier and more personal. Colors can have a strong effect on how you work in your office, so be sure to consider this when selecting art for the space.

Mixed Media

Many of us often fall prey to the belief that paintings and posters compromise the entire field of art. However, Marianne Bibo-Russel, former owner of Bibo Gallerie in Peoria, Illinois, encourages decorators to consider felt pieces, ceramics, chunky vases, or sculptures when adding art to office spaces. “Artwork doesn’t have to be framed,” Bibo-Russel says. “Mixed media pieces are the jewelry of the room and can add a great deal more interest to any office.” Mixing different types of art in your office creates an atmosphere of fun and creativity, fostering outside-the-box problem solving.

Personalize to Your Work’s Theme

Above all else, the art and decorations you choose for your office should be an extension of you and your work. Decorating your office allows you to put your stamp on the space, creating an environment that will calm you down or cheer you up when you need to be most productive.

Gabriel Johnson, gallery store manager of the Peoria Art Guild in Illinois, believes that the only type of art you should select for your office should derive from your own personal taste and the feeling you hope the room will invoke. “It’s amazing how just a few pieces can add to the overall ambiance of a place,” he explains. “The more comfortable you feel in your work environment, the more conducive your space will be to increasing productivity.”

Selecting art for your office should be a process that speaks to who you are and what your business objectives are. When the pieces you choose represent the work you do and your style and philosophy, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in that space. If your work involves innovation and creativity, suitable choices for artwork may involve abstract and pop art.

Those who work in more conservative fields should consider traditional pieces that elicit a sense of stability and professionalism, such as still lifes, landscapes, or works by famous artists. This type of art can lend an aura of sophistication to a room, while progressive art, such as abstract pieces, may offer a more playful atmosphere. Floral still lifes can contribute to a room’s calming effect, while city skylines bring you energy and vitality.

Consider the emotions that a piece of art invokes in you when shopping for office decorations, but always select colors and images you love. “Art doesn’t have to be intimidating,” encourages Johnson. “You don’t have to have an art degree. Just go with what you like.”

iSpace Office Interiors

The art you select for your office can have powerful influence over the feel of the space, thus influencing how you work in it. For more information on how iSpace Office Interiors can help you create the office of your dreams, visit our website today.

Photo Credit: Photo by Robin Schreiner from Pexels