The process of welcoming a new employee should start well before their first day. Your company should have a detailed onboarding guide that aims to make every new member of your team feel welcome before they start their first day.

Developing a proper plan to welcome a new employee to your company will set the tone for their success and happiness within your organization. Your goal of this process is to establish a positive tone and expectations of the relationship between employer and employee. Accomplishing this will ensure your organization stands out from the competition, and iSpace Office Interiors can help you achieve just that. Not only can we set you up with an inviting office, but we can also help you welcome each new team member to your company.

Why This Process Matters

Having a steady process for welcoming new employees is not only the right thing to do, but the best business strategy. When you bring a new team member on, your goal should be to limit their discomfort with a new place and new faces and bring them up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Studies have found that employees who go through a carefully curated onboarding process are 58% more likely to stay with the organization for three or more years. So, having a well thought out plan is good for turnover rates and employee morale and productivity.

When you give new team members everything they need to succeed during their onboarding, you show them you care and are compassionate about their success within your company. First days are stressful, so you need to have your company’s best foot forward to mitigate this stress and help your entire team feel valued.

Before the Start Date Checklist

Once an employee has officially accepted your hiring offer, you’ll want to get started on their welcoming packet and process. A smooth transition will help them settle in faster and learn the ropes of their new role. Here are some things that should be included in your pre-start date checklist.

  1. Ready their office and computer.

If you’re expecting your new employee to be able to check their emails and answer their phone from day one, then you’ll need to ensure their systems are set up. Set them up with all of their passcode information and have that ready to go for their first day. It would help if you also had their office or cubicle cleaned and clear out any remaining effects from a previous employee.

  1. Send a welcoming letter or packet.

Many organizations send their new employees a welcome letter or packet in the weeks ahead of their start date. This packet should include important information such as dress code, company holidays and events, and any paperwork that can be filled out ahead of time.

  1. Notify the rest of your company.

Before your new member comes on board, you’ll want to prepare your entire company for a new face. If you have security at the front door, this notification should also include them. Security will need to update their employee logs and prepare an ID for the newcomer.

Start Date Checklist

If you’ve taken the time to prepare your new employee ahead of their first day, then it will make your day-of speeches and preparations that much easier. Here is how you can welcome a new employee on their first day:

  1. Review new hire paperwork.

Reviewing the new-hire paperwork on day one will ensure that you have all the vital HR information needed and that you can smoothly transition into “culture talk.” This time should include a conversation with a senior leader of the company and education on the organization’s values and core beliefs.

  1. Host a welcome lunch.

One of the best ways to ease the stress of a first day for a new team member is to encourage a leader to take them out to lunch. This lunch break is not only a memorable time for your new employee, but it also gives their direct supervisor a chance to build a trusting and genuine relationship with their new team member.

  1. Pair the employee with a mentor.

Mentors may not always be available in small companies, but mentorship is a vital part of welcoming a new employee to your company. A mentor from the company shouldn’t be the employee’s immediate supervisor, but rather someone else in leadership from a different department. The mentor’s goal is to offer useful training tips, advice, and organizational navigation information as your new employee learns to adapt to the organization.

New Employee, New Office Suite

iSpace Office Interiors knows how important welcoming new employees to your company is. So, when you need to spruce up a new office or have a new team member with new tastes, then give us a call. We not only help with space planning, but we also offer various office sets, artwork, and ergonomic accessories to help welcome any new employee. Contact us today for a free quote.

Photo Credit: Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels