Sometimes, low motivation or unproductivity levels in employees can be exacerbated because their workspace dictates it. It’s not you or the management, but it’s the space that they’re working in.

Believe it or not, good use of a workspace can do wonders when you want your employees to get “in the zone.” Remember, your surrounding also affects how you feel. And if your employees have a healthy and creative workplace design, there’s a better chance that they stay motivated and productive throughout the day.

With that in mind, here are some ways to make your employee’s brains happy with the optimal workspace design. When you’re ready to upgrade your office space, make iSpace Office Interiors your first call.

How Workspace Design Impacts Employee Well-Being

Creating a workspace requires a ton of background research to align with the values of the company and culture code(s). However, the essential well-being factors that you need in your workplace to ensure happier employees include ample levels of comfort and mind, nourishment, air, water, light, and fitness.
If the workspace guarantees the presence of these factors, employees will have a healthier and more conducive environment to work in. They’ll be able to take care of their well-being in the office. Plus, they’ll also feel that the company cares about their well-being. With those combined factors, you can have more motivated and productive employees.

Creating a Happy Working Environment For Employees

Accessorizing the workspace to fit the needs of your employees gives them more reasons to look forward to working and getting deadlines done. Here are simple ways to create a happy working environment.

Address the Needs of Your Employees

Every employee is different from each other. Sure, they work in the same company and work towards the same company goals. However, they are all still different people who think and move in different ways.
How is this related to workspace design? Well, when planning for your design, you have to consider all their needs. You have to know what makes them work better, what fuels them, and what can help them be better. However, of course, you can’t cater to every single little need. That’s why you need a consensus.
You have to get a better sense of what your employees want as a group. You can do this by having a meeting, putting out surveys, or getting evaluations from your team. This way, you can take the majority consensus and put it into action.
Noticing and acknowledging these small things can help with employee satisfaction. So instead of working to change their habits to be linear, work around their habits.

Chairs and tables positioned horizontally
laptop, coffee mug, and plants on a desk

Simulate Eye-Catching Designs That Instantly Set the Mood

Office furniture, believe it or not, has a lot to do with employees’ work habits. For some people, working in a drab and plain environment can be draining. With that in mind, try to design your workplace with positive psychology in mind.
You can use visual projections (like lighting, placement, environmental elements like plants, artworks, a place for journals/journaling, etc.) to design your workplace to give it life. You can also use color palettes to set the mood and tone of the office. In addition to that, the accents you choose, such as wood or metal accessories, can also help give your office the fresh take it needs.

Work with a Company Who Cares About Space Planning

An effective workspace design should reflect a work environment that has one goal in mind: to create a safe space and engaging environment for the workers. And to do that, you have to work with the right people – like us!

Whether it’s for transferring from one space to another, setting up a new layout, or having the right designs for print and graphics, our team is dedicated to transforming your workplace. Through proper space planning, designing, delivery, and installation, we’ll work with your entire company to transform the office into a place that makes your employees’ brains happy.

Hands working on a blueprint
Company employees with differing mobilities

Utilize an Inclusive Co-Working Space

Another way you can make your workplace a happy place for your employees is to be inclusive. For instance, you should take into consideration employees who have disabilities. You can offer to give them ergonomic materials or office equipment better suited to their needs. You can also install pathways or indicators for visually impaired employees or talk-boxes for employees that have a difficult time speaking, etc. This can all aid them to be comfortable in daily work and even encourage them to do better at work.

Food Keeps Everyone Up and Going

One thing that can make a lot of people in your workplace a lot happier every day is having accessible food right on the job. Good food can release brain chemicals that aid and uplift the spirits of employees before, during, or after a tiring day of successfully finishing projects and deadlines.
You can have a designated snack counter/s or accessible pantries that have an array of options for different or peculiar tastes of the employees. If you can’t have this at your office just yet, you can also provide meal tickets or meal compensation for your employees. Remember, if you want happy employees, one way is through their stomachs.

Donuts in a box

Bring Back the Fun in the Workplace with iSpace Office Interiors

Brain-friendly workplaces provide employees with a healthy culture of comradery and a maximum reward experience that is needed for personal and professional growth. To get the workplace of your dreams (and one that makes employees’ brains happy), let iSpace Office Interiors help you out!

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