It’s no secret that the environment you’re in can play a major role in how you feel, but did you know that it can also make you more productive at work? It’s true. As it turns out, there are a ton of incredibly simple and economical decor tricks you can integrate into your office that will make you feel more energized, inspired and motivated to take on the day, even during the dreaded afternoon slump. Here we have outlined some office design tips to increase productivity.

  1. Make sure air circulation and temperature is right

A well lit and airy office sets up for a basic, well-designed office. When you move into a new space or build an office, it’s a good idea to make sure they have good ventilation. Regulating temperature is very important nowadays as there is a non-stable climate most of the time. For example, when the climate is too hot or cold, it is good to have insulators to reflect light as well some good cold resistance windows.

Having good quality air can make drastic changes not only to the employee’s health but also helps in increasing productivity and employee focus. Make an effort to ensure that there is good quality air circulating inside the office.

  1. Declutter: minimalism is best

A minimalist aesthetic does more than make your space look all kinds of chic and inviting; it also makes it easier to get things done. Clutter around your office runs the risk of making you feel overwhelmed and far more stressed than necessary. So, aim to keep your office simple and clutter-free for an exhale-inducing vibe each and every day.

  1. Color me pretty!

Color is packed with productivity potential, so use it to your advantage! According to research, blue-ish colors stimulate the mind, yellow hues inspire creativity and green induces feelings of relaxation, but of course, this can vary from person to person. Identify colors you find personally stimulating and incorporate them wherever you can.

Having colors around us that affect our productivity and output in a positive manner is very much necessary during work. It triggers a sense of physical and emotional stimulus within a person and encourages the person to do more work efficiently.

  1. Add greenery to the indoors

As humans, we’re natural beings that can seriously suffer if we don’t have enough nature in our day-to-day. Adding green plants or some indoor plants will revamp the mood of the employees, as well as create a refreshing feeling. It is a great choice for decoration purpose as well as for the ecological balance of the building. This also helps contribute to the air quality and circulation as we mentioned above! Greenery has a natural way of making us feel calm and composed, which in turns allows for more focus and increased productivity.

  1. Use good quality furniture

Never compromise with good quality office furniture. The role of good chairs and desks are more than needed than any other furniture. Choose good ergonomic chairs instead of cheap ones to avoid bad physical health conditions like neck and back pain complaints from the employees. Having chairs that suit the structure of the back is a good addition to the office space since employees can feel more comfortable and less stress is given to their backs during work – thus positively affecting their efficiency.

Additionally, making sure to have some variations on the normal work space and meeting areas gives a fresh feel. Use adjustable tables, including sit-stand furniture, and chairs to suit each employee’s preference. Furniture occupies some of the most important aspects of designing a productive workspace which has the ability to increase productivity.

  1. Scent it up!

The key to staying stimulated all the live long day is to make sure none of your senses are neglected, and that means paying mind to the scents wafting through your space. Peppermint is commonly used to energize and refresh, aiding concentration, while citrusy scents can uplift and de-stress. And if you’re worried you’ll forget to blow out a scented candle, essential oil diffusers are a great—and ultra-safe—way to ensure your scent game is strong.

Make sure that the employees approve of the scents before using inside the office. To add a more natural touch, use natural scents instead of artificial ones. For this purpose, you can use essential oils or scented herbs.

  1. Make the place look more spacious

Remember minimal is the best design ever, and the “Resimercial” trend is here in a big way!

  • Always opt for closed shelves and desks to fit in all documents and most important accessories of a system.
  • Add some stylish, yet simple file organizers or interesting trash bins to make employees motivated to keep the place clean and organized.
  • Try to add variety to the various office spaces so that the employee can feel refreshed and energized when they do their work.

Moreover, if you feel that your workspace is very small and congested, then think about the various ways in which you could try and brighten up and make it more personalized.

  1. Motivational Messages

When you feel blah and uninspired, it not only makes it tough to churn out your best work, but it also makes it easy to forget why you’re working so hard to begin with. That’s why adding a few pieces to showcase your favorite motivational messages can make a serious impact on your daily output and increase productivity. And these days there are so many different typography styles, prints, and photos to choose from, that you’re bound to find the perfect piece (or two) to fit your fancy.

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