The environment you create in your office has a direct impact on your employee’s efficiency. Nowadays, office design trends range from open, resimercial office spaces to the traditional cubicle setup. If you’re stuck trying to decide which direction to take your office layout, consider these pros and cons.

5 Advantages of Traditional Workstations

The 5 main advantages to cubicles, aside from giving employees private workspaces without building each one an office, include:

  1. Quieter work environment

Giving each employee their own space to work, away from the others, causes office noise to decrease. The walls themselves even help to reduce noise pollution.

  1. Increased productivity

Less noise and fewer distractions make for improved productivity. By not knowing what’s going on in another cubicle, the employee can stay focused on their own tasks. This also helps to reduce stress levels.

  1. Happier employees

Giving each employee the same amount of space to work in can increase job satisfaction and feelings of equality. Not to mention, your employees can decorate their own space helping it to feel a bit more like home.

  1. Save space and money

If you need more private offices but don’t have the space or money to build them, affordable cubicles are a great alternative. You still get the benefits of having individual workspaces without having to build literal walls.

  1. Improved privacy

Providing your employees with their own office desk in their own cubicle gives them a sense of privacy and ownership. Once again, improving employee satisfaction.

2 Disadvantages of Office Cubicles

As with anything, there are potential downsides to having walled cubicles. Here the two main concerns when considering separate workstations:

  1. Limited collaboration

Although giving employees their own, private space to work has its benefits, when frequent collaboration is necessary, an open space office design may be better suited. The walls and privacy of cubicles make it harder for employees to communicate with one another. It can also dampen morale, especially for creatives who feed off of one another’s inspiration.

  1. Restricted space

Depending on how big your cubicles are, they could make the office feel a bit claustrophobic. If this is the case, workers can start to feel stressed and antsy. That said, so long as you ensure proper space planning is done before purchasing any workstations, this issue can be avoided altogether.

Is the cubicle for you?

Whether or not the cubicle is the right office interior design is completely dependent on your company’s needs. If your employees need a quieter setting with more privacy or you don’t have it in your budget to create private offices, the cubicle layout is your best bet.

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