Office managers everywhere are happy we turned the page on 2020. However, the pandemic has changed how and where we work, testing nearly every business and how flexible employers are to workplace changes. While we may never go back to what or how things used to be, we can imagine what the future looks like and what re-designing your office for a post-COVID world looks like.

While most immediate changes in the office have included social distancing, 6-foot markers on the floor, and flexible working schedules, some long-term changes are starting to go into effect. With the help of our free space planning and wide selection of new and used office furniture, iSpace Office Interiors is helping Indianapolis-area businesses re-design their office spaces for the post-COVID work life. Here are some of those trends.

Five New Ways to Re-Design Your Office for a Post-COVID World

  1. Open Floor Plans

The open floorplans of offices aren’t going anywhere. If there’s one thing we all took away from the COVID-19 pandemic is that distance matters, and this philosophy carries over into the workplace. Open offices allow for more airflow, but they also help employees social distance and are easier to clean. Some office buildings are also taking advantage of open windows, allowing for more airflow, which boosts employee moods and helps move germs and pollutants out of the indoor office air.

  1. More Automated Appliances

In a post-COVID world, office managers are looking for ways to automate as much as they can. This includes everything from automated toilets and sinks to water coolers with sensors and appliance doors that open and close independently. If budgets are tight, some office managers are even taking advantage of foot-pedal operations that still allow for a hands-free work environment. Doorknobs, arm of chairs, and cubicle openings are some of the most touched places in the workplace, so employers are looking to make changes in every way they can.

  1. Smaller Conference Rooms

When we picture a conference room, we often picture an extensive space that can accompany large gatherings of people. Now, we’re re-designing this space. Smaller conference rooms mean your teams will have to be more productive with their time and are limited to how many guests or employees can sit in on a meeting. Some offices are also installing new technologies that make virtual meetings easier, especially with co-workers who are still operating from home. Either way, smaller spaces mean fewer people, which can help prevent the spread of germs in the workplace.

  1. Better Office Communication

By now, your employees are used to seeing the floor markings and signs, asking them to social distance. However, there’s an indication that these floor stickers and signs are here to stay for the foreseeable future. When you’re re-designing your office, think about the foot traffic and how you want to funnel people through your office space. The best way to communicate this is to upgrade those temporary postings to more professional, even branded, social distancing reminders.

  1. Investing in New Furniture

One of the best ways to re-design your office for a post-COVID world is to invest in new office furniture. If you had an open concept with very little space between employees, you might want to consider putting up partitions or cubicle walls. Even if you’re not a fan of the old-school cubicle look for your business, some designs and options still give your space that open feel and won’t isolate employees while keeping your entire office clean and safe. Or you might just be looking to upgrade that old, dingy office furniture with something new and easier to keep clean.

Let’s Re-design Your Office

Are you looking for professionals that can help you re-design your office for a post-COVID world? Then you need the free space planning and interior designing expertise from iSpace Office Interiors. Not only do we have professionals to walk you through the entire process, but we can also supply your office with all the lobby chairs, desks, and office furniture you’re going to need. We proudly serve all of Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas, so give us a call today at (317) 694-7197.

Photo Credit: Photo by Maxime on Unsplash