Organization and office productivity often go hand-in-hand. Without one, you likely won’t have the other. So while you might be tempted to invest in a time management course or delegate tasks to another position, the answer could be within your office layout and space.

iSpace Office Interiors knows just how much the environment can impact productivity and morale, which is why we love design and office remodeling projects. These projects often allow us to incorporate aspects that continue to improve organization and increase productivity. Here are several of the tips we like to pass along to our clients.

  1. Space Plan

The layout of your office not only reflects the personality of the business but also determines the energy. So, space planning is often the first step companies take when trying to keep the office organized and improve productivity. The last thing you want is for clients or employees to walk through the kitchen to get to the conference room. Nor should you place a copier near a place where noise reduction is a must. By space planning, your goal is to create an office suite that keeps departments organized, improves morale, and increases office productivity.

  1. Provide Break-Out Rooms

Sometimes, teams and departments need to collaborate on projects or have quick side meetings. These usually don’t require an entire conference room, but they do need a space that utilizes technology and supplies for a successful project meeting. Break-out rooms are perfect for these small group collaborations. In addition, they tend to be more private, which helps increase office productivity by eliminating distractions both inside the room and outside.

  1. Minimize Paper

Do you look around and see desks cluttered with paper? You’re not alone. Businesses are constantly struggling with paper clutter and limited desk space. Physical clutter creates mental clutter, so getting your paper use under control is a must. Minimize the materials you print out and utilize technology or electronic scan versions of things whenever possible. You could also incorporate paper trays and other desk organizers to keep desks clean and clutter-free.

  1. Use Wall Space

Office walls are not only perfect for an attractive company mural and art, but they’re also great for organizational tools such as dry erase boards or corkboards. You can also use pegboards to keep common office supplies in one place. Hanging storage bins is a great add-on and prevents team members from using company time to search for the things they need or stocking up on supplies at their desks, which brings us to our next point.

  1. Avoid Using Workspace as Storage

If you want to increase office productivity, then each workspace should feel open and inspiring rather than restrictive and bland. Too often, people use their desks and offices to store excess office supplies, but this can hinder efficiency. Instead, encourage each team member to clear the storage from their desks and replace it with personal photos, inspirational quotes, or their favorite décor. This can make each team member feel like they have their own inspirational place right in the office without all the clutter.

  1. Keep Cords Tidy

We’ve all been guilty of it – just plugging things in under the desk, not paying any attention to the rat’s nest of cords that accumulates over time. However, all these wires and cables can hamper productivity, especially if they keep getting in the way or are distracting. Not to mention all the time you’ll waste unraveling the entire mess. Avoid all the headaches and disorganization by labeling each cord and using zip ties to keep them in place or neatly folded up.

We’ll Plan Your Space for Free

iSpace Office Interiors offers free space planning to help you improve organization and increase office productivity. We have all the furniture you’ll need for new office suites, cubicles, and reception areas. So, give us a call today at (317) 694-7197.

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