Working in a cluttered office space or with junk on your desk can put a damper on your productivity and focus when you’re trying to accomplish tasks. Clutter and a lack of discipline in organization can lead to plenty of downtime and procrastination in the workplace – something many employers are all too familiar with.

With clutter comes the reminder of all the tasks you’ve yet to complete, and when your to-do list gets longer your anxiety increases. The more anxious you feel coming to work, the less focus you have to complete your work. Even if organized chaos is your preferred method of madness, clutter can lead to misfiled paperwork, loss of pertinent information, and be downright distracting to your co-workers.

To help prove our point, here are five different benefits that a clutter-free desk can have on your workday.

Ability to Locate Items

When you dedicate yourself to keeping your desk clutter-free, you’ll find that you can locate things more easily. Before, you may have been left sifting through stacks of paperwork, lifting keyboards to locate pens, and struggling to find the financial report you put together for your boss last week. Those headaches vanish when you clean up your desk. Start by removing trash and uneaten snacks that you’ve neglected. Designate a container for pens and keep a pad of paper near the phone so you can jot down notes during a phone call. Next, organize paperwork and file it away in your filing cabinets or discard, depending on your office policy and procedures. Clearly label folders so you can find documents easily. Removing these simple things from your workspace can have a significant impact on your production.

Gives You a Confidence Boost

Not only does a clean workspace boost production, it also gives you a confidence boost to do your job and do it well. When you’re able to find a pen and paper for notes or locate that important file your manager gave to you last week, you feel good about yourself. Committing to a clutter-free desk doesn’t happen overnight and it takes work to sustain, but getting in the habit of staying organized can lead to more self-assurance that your job and position matter to the company. You’ll feel like you are a contributing member to your team, and your co-workers will come to respect you more as a reliable partner.

Improves the Impression You Give

Everyone wants to make a good impression in front of their boss, and their boss’s boss, but a cluttered desk can hold you back. Your manager may steer clear of your cubicle or office based on how organized you are. They may come to worry about the impression you’re having on your co-workers, clients, and potential business partners. Additionally, your clutter habits could cause them to think you don’t take your job seriously, leading to being passed over for promotions and pay increases. We’ve already discussed how clutter can impact your performance, and that will become obvious to decision makers if you don’t tidy up.

It Can Prepare You for the Unexpected

Unexpected circumstances in the workplace happen all the time. You could go from little work to a stack of paperwork that needs your attention in matter of minutes. Clutter on your desk could lead some to be hesitant to rely on your ability to be prepared and flexible for fluctuation in workloads. However, when you decide that clutter isn’t for you anymore and clean up your office or desk, you’re more likely to successfully shift your focus to things that come across your desk with pressing deadlines.

It’s Good for You

Cleaning your desk and clearing clutter has also been linked to an improvement in your immunity and overall health. Germs and bacteria thrive in chaotic environments, especially where there is food particles and neglected coffee cups. The cleaning staff typically doesn’t move stacks of papers or files to clean underneath, so leaving clutter on your desk decreases the chances of your area being clean. When you commit to a minimalist desk and workspace, you commit to your health. Clean off your desk and give your desk, keyboard, computer, phone, and mouse a wipe down with disinfectant.

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Photo Credit: Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels