Sitting too much can be detrimental to your health. It can put you at a higher risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. But when you’re at work all day, what choice do you have? Fortunately, advances in technology have come up with a solution for this — the Sit/Stand Desk.

Sit/Stand Desks have become increasingly more popular over the years, and for good reason. Here are our top 5 reasons for loving standing desks!

  1. They can lower your risk of obesity.

Sitting all day causes your body to burn fewer calories and has been linked to metabolic diseases and obesity. One study even showed that those who used a Sit/Stand Desk throughout the day burned 170 more calories as opposed to those who sat all day. It also helps to engage and stretch your muscles, improves blood flow, and can moderate insulin levels.

  1. Standing can help balance your blood sugar.

Studies have shown that after eating, blood sugar levels normalize quicker in those who stand more often throughout the day. Higher blood sugar can result in diabetes and wreak havoc on your overall health. So, the prime time to utilize your stand up desk is after you eat lunch.

  1. Using a standing desk can help prevent heart disease.

Previous research concluded that sitting all day can increase your risk of heart disease by up to 147%. If you care about your heart health, try spending more time throughout the day on your feet. Although an adjustable standing desk is a great way to do this, taking frequent walk breaks can help too.

  1. Standing throughout the day can help boost your energy levels.

Sitting all day isn’t just bad for your physical. It’s bad for your mental health too causing increased feelings of anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that those who use standing desks report increased energy, less stress, and decreased fatigue in comparison to those who sat throughout the day. Once those individuals returned back to their traditional sitting desks, their mood and energy went back to their original levels.

Ditch the bad mood and low energy levels by switching to a Sit/Stand Desk.

  1. Sit/Stand Desks can even improve your productivity.

Critics are often concerned that standing can affect your ability to type and complete other daily tasks. But, those who have tried stand up desks have said that there has been no impact on their ability to carry out regular tasks.

Since standing more throughout the day has such a positive impact on things such as your health, energy levels, and even your mood, using a standing desk will also boost your productivity. If you feel better and look better, you’re going to work better.

Stand Up For Your Health

In a sentence, standing desks can help you live a longer, and higher quality life. Sit/Stand Desks can help lower your risk of obesity, diabetes, metabolic disease, and heart disease. It can boost your energy and mood levels and even improve your productivity.

If you’ve just started using an adjustable desk, experts suggest splitting your time evenly between sitting and standing.

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