If you run a showroom, you know designing spaces that give your customers the best possible experience is challenging. Regardless of what industry you’re in, the look and feel of your showroom is an essential tool that can hook customers with a great first impression. One of the most fundamental components of showroom design is flooring.

As the most trusted office interior specialists in Indianapolis, iSpace Office Interiors believes in the power of the right choice in flooring. So today, we’ll be explaining exactly why you should be proactive in choosing the proper flooring for your showroom. When you take the time to select flooring that wows your customers, you can expect an increase in sales.

1. The Right Flooring Design Provides a Clear Path For Customers

As your customers navigate your showroom, you must make it easy for them to navigate. If your showroom doesn’t offer a clear path for your customers to use, they’ll have to ask you for directions, which disrupts their shopping experience. Choose a distinct type of flooring to present a clear path to consumers, leading them from one area of the showroom to another seamlessly. Thanks to strategically selected flooring, creating routes and focus areas can give your brand extra personality and make a strong design statement.

2. Flooring Can Tell Your Brand’s Story

Choosing the proper flooring can go a long way in translating the company image you want to convey. Selecting the correct type of flooring can also go a long way in telling your brand’s story, from your products to the people that create them. A showroom is an excellent opportunity for a brand to showcase its most popular products, allowing customers to participate in the story. Choosing and mixing the most suitable flooring materials and colors helps make your customer’s experience as memorable as possible.

3. The Use of Colored Flooring Can Make Your Customers Feel More Positive

The color of your flooring is also something to take into account. Colors give your brand personality, and they also offer your customers a more emotionally impactful impression of your brand. Believe it or not, color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent and can play a huge role in a customer’s decision to buy. Color psychology also tells us that colors have the power to influence the way we feel directly. By using the right colored flooring, you can affect the mood of your customers, making them feel more positive and relaxed and even persuade them to take action! Here are just a few examples of colors and their impacts on mood:

    • Orange: stimulates appetite
    • Green: creates a soothing effect
    • Blue: can make your customers feel inspired
    • Yellow: this color is known for creating an energizing effect

4. A Better Chance of Retaining Customers

Finally, the right type of flooring can increase your chances of retaining customers. Using different types of flooring for each “zone” of your showroom can help your customers identify with them more closely, making their experience in each zone more enjoyable. Using different types of flooring throughout your company’s showroom can also attract customers to specific areas where you have positioned your most popular products.

On the other hand, using a combination of wood, luxury vinyl tiles, or laminate can create a more modern and inviting atmosphere in your showroom. When your customers feel comfortable in the showroom space, they’ll be much more likely to buy and come back to view your products again and again!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Types of Showroom Flooring

When trying to find the right flooring, a wide selection of options can make the process overwhelming. To help guide you through your decision-making exercise, let’s look at some of the most popular choices for flooring in your business.


Hardwood is perhaps one of the most popular and even highly sought-after options on the market. It’s timeless and makes your guests feel warm and welcome. Hardwood is also versatile, meaning you can select from a variety of grains, stains, and finishes. If you’re looking for something that’s scuff-free, it’s out there. Or if you want a shiny, glossy finish, there’s that, too.


Tile is another timeless and elegant flooring option. Depending on your showroom’s purpose, this might be a great option for high-end goods and services. Tile can either be made from ceramic or porcelain, each with its own unique properties and looks. Porcelain is perfect for showrooms with a lot of hard wear or heavy foot traffic, while ceramic is great if you desire more colorful options.


Vinyl flooring has stood the test of time but has received a bad rap for being a cheap option. Still, advances in technology have made vinyl flooring more attractive, especially for showrooms. In addition, vinyl comes in various colors and designs and is often more durable and affordable than other options on the market.


Concrete flooring doesn’t have to be a dull shade of grey! In fact, concrete can be polished or stained to be more stylish and durable for your showroom. If the upkeep and maintenance of tile and hardwoods don’t sound appealing, then concrete is a great solution. Even epoxy concrete flooring is becoming popular for its durability and the fact that it’s stain- and scratch-resistant.

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