With the rapid rise of technologies (from virtual working to artificial intelligence) in the modern workplace and their impact on the business world, the future of work has never felt so exciting. So what trends will shape office management and flexible working in the coming year? Here are iSpace Office Interiors’ predictions and our list of the top office technology trends for 2023.

Augmented Reality Integrations

Augmented Reality (AR), similar to Virtual Reality (VR), is a technology that blends digital information with the natural world and people’s everyday lives. It can create and display virtual objects, environments, or information over a real-world viewable image. AR has become the training solution for a disparate workforce. AR technologies offer a virtual space or a dynamic alternative to traditional training, creating a risk-free environment and scenarios that allow employees to develop the skills needed for the job.

Whilst the gaming industry will remain the highest driver for AR, we believe AR has the scope to provide considerable benefits in the near future within customer experience in the design, healthcare, and engineering industries. Plus, with the announcement of ‘The Metaverse’ from Facebook’s parent company, Meta, AR will likely play an influential role outside the business world.

Video Collaboration

Video collaboration software has cemented itself as a critical component in the workplace following its massive demand surge in 2020 and subsequent evolution in 2021. In 2020 alone, Microsoft Teams experienced a 3,891% growth rate between February and December. The technological advancements across all the big players, such as Zoom, Webex, and Slack, have enabled us to communicate effectively and deliver results from remote locations across the globe.

With a hybrid workplace set to be the future of the workplace, it is unsurprising that tech companies are focusing on advancing their video collaboration software. Meta and Microsoft are leading the way with remote technology to support modern office’s immersive meetings and video conferencing, allowing people to meet in the virtual space, with or without a virtual reality headset. Microsoft 3D avatars will represent a person in a remote Teams meeting without a webcam! So you can increase productivity by up to 10x! These features are due to be released in early 2023.


Hyperautomation involves an infrastructure of advanced technologies used to scale an organization’s automation capabilities. These tools include RPA, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, process mining, and other tools that identify time-consuming business procedures and establish the means to automate them.

The purpose of hyper-automation is to improve your business processes and consequently speed up and better your operations. To do this, you need to identify automation opportunities in your business landscape that could benefit from hyper-automation.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a technology that helps organizations digitize business processes, automate workflows, and increase employee engagement. It helps companies save time and money by automating repetitive tasks currently performed by humans. RPA helps companies complete everyday tasks faster and more consistently than people do.

It also reduces errors by completing the right keystrokes or navigating through complex screens. RPA is noninvasive, which means it doesn’t require changes to existing software or hardware systems. It can be implemented quickly to accelerate digital transformation for more companies that want to improve efficiency and customer service satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence

AI chip in a panel board

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking office technology by storm. Whether it’s setting up office spaces, managing visitors’ entrances to offices, or helping writers write more efficiently, the use cases for AI are never-ending. This is one of the technological advances people should watch out for, as underrated as office tech might seem.

Artificial intelligence in the business function increases staff productivity. The ability of AI to handle repetitive activities across a company increases efficiency. It frees up staff to concentrate on innovative solutions, complex problems, and significant work is one of the advantages of AI for business.

Machine Learning

A branch of artificial intelligence known as machine learning is the ability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior. Like humans tackle difficulties, artificial intelligence systems are employed to carry out complex and repetitive tasks to improve efficiencies. Machines with machine learning capabilities can function with little oversight from humans and even automate some of the jobs for which they were created in ways that even their designers may not have anticipated.

Machine learning is similar to touchless technologies. Employers will therefore need employees who can use new technology without consulting a set of instructions or code, making those with training in machine learning—such as diplomas or degrees—highly sought-after. Employers may also use big data and machine learning for business purposes.

Digital Transformation

The importance of digital transformation has already been established across a wide range of industries. As more organizations rely on multiple technologies to connect their remote and hybrid working teams in the future, we will observe more enterprises reimagining their working processes.

The integration of digital technology across all functions of an organization is known as digital transformation or digital innovation, and it significantly alters how you do business operations and provide value to consumers. Additionally, it’s a cultural shift that necessitates constant status quo challenge, experimentation, and comfort with failure on the part of organizations.

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