January is the perfect month to get organized. It’s a fresh start, beginning of the year and a time to make things right. Why not start with your office? At iSpace Office Interiors, we combine the key design elements: capacity, durability, safety, and mobility to insure happiness in your organizational needs. iSpace Office Interiors will try and help you identify areas and solutions for places where you may be lacking tools that can help create a more worthwhile workplace. The purpose of workplace tools is to add efficiency and productivity to your workforce through intelligent and intuitive designs. Take control of your space by using some of these products:

Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are anything that cleans off your desk and makes your work day overall more productive. Keyboard and pencil drawers help by decluttering unnecessary objects that tend to lie on your desk and get in the way. Wire management helps by keeping unwanted cords neat and organized and out of the way. Monitor arms clear your desk of a big bulky screen giving you maximum use of your desk- just another clever way to declutter and help productivity! CPU holders are also helpful to maximize leg room and declutter your under-desk area.

Mobile Pedestal Files

Mobile pedestal files are such a good way to not only keep things filed and organized but because they are mobile they give you the ability to put it wherever you’d like keeping it open and clutter free. They are also compact and most of the time can be purchased with or in the same colors as your existing furniture.


In today’s world, companies are getting rid of the “everyday desk.” Instead, they are making more collaborative areas, incorporating more lounge furniture for a laid- back workspace or utilizing benching systems. With that being said, wherever you are working becomes cluttered and out of control due to lack of storage. This is when lockers save the day! Not only can lockers be useful in many ways, they can add a neat “old- school” feel with a modern day twist to your office!

Photo Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-sitting-on-chairs-beside-their-desks-in-an-office-1170412/