February is the month of love but is also National Heart Disease Awareness month as well! What better way to celebrate that by increasing your heart health at work! In this article you will find not only useful tips to work out right at your desk but also some furniture that has awesome health benefits! 

  1. Park farther away

There is something strangely gratifying about the ability to get the nearest parking spot to the entrance, but parking at the edge of the lot will help you get a lot of extra steps in your day and increase your heart health.

  1. Take the stairs

Don’t like making small talk on the elevator? Take the stairs instead. The stairs are a great way to increase your heart rate and tone up those legs.

  1. Do it yourself

Our Zenergy ball can really help with posture but also basic exercises to keep your heart healthy right at your desk! Try doing Squats or Tricep Dips using this!

  1. Stand up

If you have to be on the phone a lot, what better time to stand up and do some stretches. Our Sit/ Stand desks and Twixt Active Seating chair can really help increase blood flow and reduce stress during your work day!

  1. Take a walk break

Schedule 10–15 minutes a day to just walk. See how many steps you can get on your fitness tracker. If it’s nice outside, go get some fresh air. Better yet, find someone to go with you and hold each other accountable. But if it’s a busy day at the office, don’t worry! Our TreadDesk is here to the rescue! Walk while you work!

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/PG8NyM_Mcts