Companies are starting to realize the influence their office spaces have on their overall success. A workplace that is designed for collaboration, efficiency, and focus will ultimately have happier and more productive employees. Happier, healthier employees will work harder to make sure that your business achieves success. It’s honestly a win for everyone.

Modern workplace design is currently driven by three main office design strategies. If you’re looking to make the most out of your office space – and your employees – then you should be implementing the following three tips.

View your office space as an asset to your brand.

You only have about 7 seconds to make a first impression – that goes for your office space too. If whoever is walking through those front doors can’t recognize your brand within those 7 seconds, it may convey instability. Your office space should be an extension of your brand. The space should exude the spirit and experience of your company, everything down to the office furniture.

A Look at SmartFile’s Office Design

SmartFile is one of the coolest tech offices in Indianapolis. Their design is built off of an open floor plan and features moveable plank walls, basketball hoop, and a giant Marlin. The entire space was designed to project creativity, innovation, and inspiration. What’s more is that most of the unique items found in their office were designed and built by the team on a budget, even the moveable walls.

You want your own office space to project your own values in just as bold of a way – whatever that looks like to you.

Keep Employee Wellness at the Forefront of Your Interior Design

Ensuring your employee’s wellbeing is much more than just offering them health insurance. It’s also about creating an environment that is optimal for their wellbeing. This could include anything from providing everything from Sit/Stand desks to ergonomic furniture. It also means offering ways for your employees to relieve stress throughout the day. Ping-pong, anyone?

Indianapolis Tech Company Offers the Best in Modern Office Interior Design

MOBI is another Indianapolis based tech company that has one of the most innovative office designs. Aside from offering the necessary office furniture items like conference rooms and an incredible reception area, their office design includes some awesome amenities. When their employees need a break, they can watch a movie in the movie theatre, grab a local craft beer during the last hour of the day, or grab an espresso from the communal kitchen.

While your office doesn’t have to offer these same big items, it should offer something. Your employees do a lot for you. The least you can do is give them a basketball hoop to blow off steam with.

Create a workspace that is functional yet inspirational.

By providing more of a resimercial office space with options for private work as well as communal work, your brand can move forward while creating a stronger team at the same time. Some days your team may need a space where they can problem-solve with one another. Other days they might want to work in their own focus space. Keep this in mind when you’re redesigning your office!

Industrious Coworking Space’s Office Design Strategies

Industrious is a modern coworking space located in the heart of Indianapolis. You might not be looking for a coworking space, but a lot can be learned from looking at its design. One of Industrious’ premium amenities is a “thoughtful balance of space types.” The office interior design offers spaces for collaboration, meetings, and what they call focus areas.

The reason for this many types of work environment? So that every member of your team has space they can be productive in. Your workplace design should have the same goal.

How to Implement These Office Design Strategies

Long gone are the days of coming to work and sitting in a cubicle. If you want to keep up with the trends while ensuring success for your business, you might want to take a look at your workplace. For optimal success, your office space should be designed to show off your brand and keep your employees healthy and happy, all while creating a space that is functional yet inspirational.

If these three office design strategies have you feeling inspired to redesign your Indianapolis office, iSpace Office Interiors can help! We offer new and used office furniture, interior design, and FREE space planning. Just give us a call at (317) 694-7197 to get a quote!

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