Today’s professionals expect more from the workplace, especially when it comes to technology. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from implementing property software and hardware in the workplace to increase productivity and job satisfaction. But if your company is wondering how workplace technology impacts job satisfaction, let iSpace Office Interiors explain.

What is Job Satisfaction in Today’s Office Setting?

While most employers strive to obtain job satisfaction within the company, very few reach this goal. Several factors impact employees in the workplace and how satisfied they are with their current positions. Technology and its proper implementation can dramatically affect how a team feels about their job. It not only impacts performance but can also improve your bottom line. However, the opposite is also true: The wrong technology or hardware can make jobs more difficult, thus decreasing satisfaction in the workplace.

Factors of Job Satisfaction to Consider

  • Respect

Employees often put respectful treatment at the top of their list when it comes to how satisfied they are in the office. When employees feel respected, heard, and valued productivity and satisfaction increase.

  • Health Environment

Unsurprisingly, employees value a workplace free from distractions, harassment, discrimination, and other negative stressors. When you eliminate these, you can increase job satisfaction.

  • Security

We’re not just talking about the physical kind, but also the security in a job. Most employees want to feel like their position is secure and won’t be laid off or fired at any given moment. So, when employees feel confident, they worry less. And when they worry less, they work harder.

5 Ways Technology Improves Job Satisfaction

Technology in the workplace comes in a variety of forms. It can be as simple as installing new computers to something more complex, such as document sharing or team building software. Either way, your goal for implementing something new in the workplace should be to improve job satisfaction,

1. Eases Collaboration Between Departments

Collaboration between departments is one of the most crucial aspects of office communication. With the right technology, you can improve the speed at which departments collaborate and share information. Ease of collaboration also improves customer relations, allowing employees to find answers or resources quickly when assisting a customer. Not only does the employee feel capable and confident in doing their job, but they also get to make a customer happy.

2. Improves Group Work

Workplace technology, such as SaaS (or cloud-based services), can improve job satisfaction regarding group work. Sometimes, different departments need to come together on a project or coordinate with outside vendors. With the right technology, your teams can quickly get their group work done internally and externally. This results in less stress around large projects or events. Additionally, the technology can help employees engage with one another, syncing their workflows, so things get done faster.

3. Helps with Training & Education

Every industry and field of work requires updated training and education. You can keep your company competitive in the field by keeping up with industry standards and education. Workplace technology is one of the best ways to keep employees up to date and improve job satisfaction. This typically includes smart boards, virtual classrooms, e-learning tools, and real-world applications while at work. With the right dedicated training space, you can better improve retention and learning in the workplace.

4. Creates a Welcoming Environment

As we mentioned before, job satisfaction is closely linked to the workplace environment. This means you have an opportunity to improve when it comes to technology. This can be anything from smart lighting that creates a warm and welcoming space to easily accessible charging ports and outlets for laptops, phones, and other office equipment. With everything in reach, employees are more likely to experience job satisfaction. Additionally, technology like sound management can help create a softer, quieter workplace, ideal for when employees need to concentrate.

5. Keeps Everyone Organized

The work environment dramatically impacts productivity. When desks are messy and full of clutter, employees can feel overwhelmed and less motivated. It’s often said that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. But, when you implement the right technology into the workplace, you can easily eliminate this clutter. File sharing software, desktop organizers, and browser tab management systems can help keep clutter to a minimum and increase job satisfaction.

Increase Job Satisfaction with iSpace Office

Are you interested in the other ways you can improve job satisfaction among your employees? Let iSpace Office Interiors help guide you! We know the space of any office is just as important as the technology. So, let us help you plan the space, outfit offices with new furniture, and perform an ergonomic analysis for everyone in the company. Contact us today and get your free quote on any of our services or office furniture outfits.

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