Why Promotional Pens are Crucial for Your Business

Custom pens are probably one of the most common forms of promotional products. They are easy to personalize and are always needed. And unlike some of the other items, pens have enough space on them to add your business’s website, phone number, or address without ruining the appearance. Need more of a reason to add promotional pens to your marketing efforts? Keep reading!

What do promotional products do?

Promotional items are physical items, such as an engraved pen or custom bags, that are branded with your logo. By passing these out, you can easily increase your brand’s awareness and turn consumers into walking billboards. This is a very low-cost marketing tactic that helps make your business rememberable.

Why Your Business Needs Promotional Pens

  1. They’re cost-effective.

Promotional pens are one of the most budget-friendly ways to gain exposure for your brand. The cost of an impression from a custom pen comes down to 1/10th of a cent. Worth the money? We sure think so!

  1. You can have them everywhere!

Pens are easy to move around wherever you go. Set them out on your booth at an exhibit, or have them in a cup at your front desk. Since they’re so affordable, you can always have them on hand and pass them out every chance you get. Bonus points if you can personalize them and add something that sets you apart like passing out a nicer metal stylus pen or a pen with a laser pointer.

  1. Pens are always a necessity.

When is there ever not a need for a pen? Unlike some other promotional products which just end up in the garbage, a pen can always be used. You don’t want to waste your marketing budget, so choose a promotional product, like pens, that will be used over and over.

  1. You can add all of your contact details.

We already mentioned that pens have enough room on them to seamlessly add your company’s address, website URL, email, or phone number. But what we didn’t talk about was why this is so important.

Every time you pass out a pen with all of the above information on it, you are repeatedly gaining valuable exposure. According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, custom pens make 2,805 impressions per item!

What some other popular promotional items?

The most effective promotional products include:

Personalized Promotional Products in Indianapolis

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