Working from home is a trend that’s here to stay. And while that setup has plenty of benefits, there are also plenty of benefits of having your team in the office. With the convenience of working from home, however, many employees might not see the wisdom in going back to the office. But there are still ways to convince them.

If you want your employees to return to the office, here are a few things you can do with the help of iSpace Office Interiors!


Why Some Employees Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office

During the pandemic, millions of employees were forced to work from home. Since then, people’s views and preferences have changed. According to a survey, employees prefer remote work because they feel more productive and flexible with their time. Research also shows that those who work from home have a better work-life balance. As an employer, this may be a pressing concern especially if you’re aiming to get your workforce back to the office.

8 Ways to Entice Workers Back to the Office

Although some people now prefer to work from home because of its convenience, there are still ways to encourage them to return to the office without feeling forced. Here are eight ways to entice workers back to the office:

Offer Incentives

Rather than forcing them to go back to the office, companies are making ways to entice employees back to the office. Offering your employees an incentive package may motivate them to return. You can cover commuting expenses, give gift cards, employee rewards, travel refunds, health and wellbeing offerings, etc.

Have Flexible Working Hours

Employers should take flexibility into account to facilitate workforce changes. Giving flexible schedules is one example. Companies can negotiate with their employees and meet in the middle for a time that they should be expected at work. Employers could also consider a hybrid work setup where employees can work from home on certain days of the week and be in the office on other days.

Provide Free Food

Entice employees to return to the office by providing them with free food. Provide meals or snacks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your budget, as a way to thank them for coming in. Free food is a great way to show appreciation to your employees and for them to foster a bond with other colleagues. Offering free meals shows you prioritize employee health, reducing their expense of purchasing food and beverages while at work.

Invest in Team-Building

Organize team-building activities to encourage employees to connect and interact with other team members to enable them to go back to work. This is an excellent workplace strategy for them to contribute to the company’s success with the social connections formed. Consider having monthly get-togethers, face-to-face meetings, gatherings in meeting rooms, and more.

Have the Right Technology

Making your employees’ jobs in the workplace simpler is one approach to getting them back. Invest in technology that makes their jobs easier, more efficient, and accessible to anyone who needs it. When the new and updated technology increases team productivity, employees may voluntarily choose to work from their offices.

6. Preserve Office Culture

Returning to work can have changes in the work culture. Employers should prepare for this and take every step possible to preserve company culture. Review and update core values, demonstrate team-building techniques, and support your staff as they adjust to the new situation. Following these guidelines allows your business to manage inevitable cultural shifts and preserve healthy corporate culture. These actions will also enable business leaders to lead initiatives, increase employee flexibility and confidence, and position their teams for success in future challenges.

Redesign a Safe and Conducive Work Space

The physical environment at work can impact employees’ productivity. Before inviting your employees from a hybrid work setup back to the office, re-evaluate the office space first. Doing environmental or design changes in the workspace is one of the best strategies to lure employees to return to the office to promote in-person collaboration.

Ensure that the corporate workplace is highly flexible where your employees want to be. In creating cheerful space offices, consider adding flexible work facilities like artwork, new chairs, and other comfortable options so employees can feel relaxed even at work. Introducing flexible office spaces to your employees might convince them to go back.

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Create a Feedback Loop

Communicate and promote open feedback in the workspace to allow employees to share their thoughts and evaluations. In addition to paying attention to employees’ in-person feedback, you should be transparent about your expectations. Be open with your employees’ preferences, and let them know the advantages of having them back in the office and the reasoning behind your choices.

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