Employee happiness and safety should always be at the top of your priority list. If a job is taxing or challenging to perform, you could be spending more money on worker’s compensation and healthcare costs than necessary. If you’re already experiencing loss of workdays or downtime from employees, improving workplace ergonomics could be the answer to their low motivation and productivity.

When companies invest in ergonomic analysis, everyone wins. Not only do your teams see that you care about their comfort in the workplace, but they also feel a sense of pride in coming to a workplace that’s efficient and comfortable enough for them to do their jobs. Many leading companies worldwide are turning to ergonomic designs in all of their operations, and they’re seeing the benefits of happy employees. At iSpace Office Interiors, we provide ergonomic analyses to various industries, often helping them find the right office furniture and accessories that keep their employees focused and productive.

What is an Ergonomic Analysis?

Ergonomics focuses on the musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive stress injuries that occur in the workplace. Whether these injuries arise from sitting too long in the wrong chair, low monitor height, or incorrect desk height, they can have a significant impact on team members’ happiness and health. Workdays missed or recovery time can also impact business operations and profits. With an ergonomic analysis, your goal is to eliminate these discomforts for your teams.

During an analysis, an ergonomist will come to your business and identify health risks that lead to musculoskeletal disorders and stress injuries. They will then make several suggestions for improvements that can significantly reduce eye strain and neck, back, shoulder, and wrist pain. The ergonomist may also make suggestions for allowing your team to incorporate periodic standing breaks throughout the workday, which can reduce lower back pain and increase energy, creativity, and productivity.

Three Benefits of an Ergonomic Design

  1. Improved Employee Engagement

Companies are always looking for ways to improve employee engagement, and an ergonomic analysis can do just that. With the right tools and suggestions in your hands, you can look to improve each employee’s workspace. When a team member gets the sense that you care, they’re more likely to be engaged and less likely to be absent. Their happiness at work is great for company culture and morale. So, why not give ergonomics a try?

  1. Better Safety

Improving ergonomics in the workplace not only increases employee happiness, but it also enhances their safety. With the proper seating, keyboard height, and distance away from the monitor, your teams will be safer. They may even take more precautions of their own performing heavy lifting or be more inclined to stand throughout the day to get the blood flowing. Either way, employee health is your number one asset, and investing in your company’s safety will foster better human performance.

  1. Reduced Costs

Reducing ergonomic risks and injuries can also help your company save money on medical treatment and compensation for lost wages. Some companies have been able to reduce their incident rates by 65% and lost workdays by 75% simply by implementing an ergonomic office design. Over time, these savings far outweigh the costs associated with an ergonomic analysis and the office furniture upgrades.

Schedule Your Ergonomic Analysis 

An intentional and systematic ergonomics analysis and improvement process removes many of the risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries. With the help from the team at iSpace Office Interiors, you can improve your team’s productivity and performance. To schedule an ergonomic analysis for your business and receive a quote, call (317) 695-7197 today.

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