When it comes to decorating your home office or your professional suite, iSpace Office Interiors has you covered. Our durable, reliable, and stylish office sets, reception furniture, and breakroom tables are designed to complement any space. Yet, designing the perfect office space takes more thought and consideration, especially when you’re shooting for a clean and productive workspace.

Not only do we provide guidance in renovating your office or upgrading desks and chairs, but we also understand the importance of having the right office décor. Everything from the lighting to the design of the carpet can have an impact on how productive your teams are throughout the day. Here are our top five types of office décor to avoid when possible.

  1. The Wrong Chair

Your office desk chair doesn’t have to look like a typical chair. Your desk is where you’ll spend most of your 8+ hours at the office, so it should be comfortable. Some standard office chairs offer very little support and are cheaply made. Instead, look for a chair that speaks to your personality and is comfortable for your body, yet still blends with company color and other office décor. The wrong chair can make coming to work unpleasant, and that’s not what your company is about.

  1. Too Much Desk

Far too often, executives associate a big desk with their job title or suite. However, a desk that’s too large for the room can make your corner space feel small and cramped. If you lack square footage but still need the space for drawers and files, then look for a sleeker design that offers more overhead storage. If you don’t need so much desk, then go with a more modern, clean approach for your executive suite.

  1. A Dark Wall Color

Nothing is more discouraging than a dark wall color, especially in an office or business setting. Dark wall colors make your interior feel small and can even make your staff sleepy, especially right after lunch time. Avoid dark walls and stick to more neutral or bright colors that inspire creativity and productivity. On the flip side, bright white walls can also make your office building seem dull and lack personality, so don’t be afraid to hang some colorful artwork or paint an accent color with the company logo.

  1. Basic Desk Accessories

If you run a business full of creatives, basic desk accessories are a sure way to kill productivity and creativity. So, before you mass purchase those plain black pen holders and file folders, reconsider what your business is about. Instead, consider investing in custom-made desk accessories with your company inscription, or let your employees choose their own accessories from a preselected list of items. This will give them the sense of making their desk and office their own while still being cohesive with company culture.

  1. Dull Lighting

Dull lighting in your business is one of the worst office décor choices you could make. If you have dull lighting in an office, your teams will feel uninspired and will really feel that afternoon slump. Keep things bright and airy with more lighting. If you have windows, open the blinds to allow for more natural light. A little bit of sunshine and bright bulbs is a sure way to keep your employees alert and focused.

Find Your Office Décor at iSpace Office Interiors

Searching for the right office décor doesn’t have be to hard. With iSpace Office Interiors, you can choose from a wide range of office desks, lounge chairs, and sit/stand desk designs. Find the right look for your business when you call us at (317) 694-7197.

Photo Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-sitting-on-chairs-beside-their-desks-in-an-office-1170412/ Photo by Cadeau Maestro from Pexels