The modern office building is open, collaborative, and technologically advanced. They can adapt quickly and update technology overnight. However, it’s not just enough to have the right technology in the office: Your office layout and design should match.

When you collaborate with the innovative team from iSpace Office Interiors, we’ll work with you to ensure that you can seamlessly incorporate technology throughout your entire office. As baby boomers exit the workforce and more millennials and Gen-Zers enter, it will be essential for your business to keep up with tech expectations. However, with iSpace Office Interiors you don’t have to make these upgrades on your own. Our team will guide you through making the right changes to stay competitive in your industry. Here are a few ways technology impacts your office design.

Changes in Where the Work Occurs

Today’s modern employees are experiencing a shift in their job operations and where the work needs to be done. Because of this shift, many employers are removing walls, taking out traditional cubicles, and adding moveable dividers and open desk seating. Some are even taking it a step further and eliminating assigned seating.

Technology changes are also forcing companies to create workspaces that are flexible and can adapt to the changing of job functions. Some jobs may not exist in a few years, so having an open workplace and furniture ensures that your teams can adjust on the fly. Additionally, employees are now becoming more aware that their work doesn’t need to be done at their desks all day long, especially with the use of company phones, laptops, and tablets. So, give your team options, if and when they’re in the office.

Integrated Power

These days, everyone has a cell phone, tablet, or laptop. That’s just the way of the new workplace. However, these devices also require frequent charging to be valuable assets to your teams. Thankfully, advances in powering technologies have made it possible for companies to integrate wireless charging ports, built-in adapters, and platforms with multimedia capabilities to make it easier for team members to get their jobs done.

Scaling up your technology in this manner ensures that staff can continue to use their devices without relying on bringing their charging ports and cords from home. Furthermore, integrating power banks and charging sources in your office furniture and design gives your floorplan a clean and modern look. For an attractive, cutting-edge workplace, incorporate power in seating benches, conference rooms, and breakrooms.

Going Green

Technology advances usher your workspaces into the 21st century, but they also help your business reduce its carbon footprint. Implementing green technologies and renewable power sources is a great way to keep your employees healthy and your business environmentally friendly. You can incorporate green technology in just about anything in your office, from lighting features and temperature controls to air filtration and office plants.

There’s no doubt that in order for your office design to be successful, it must serve its users’ needs. Your teams will be in this office space nearly every day (unless they’re remote) and should have some feeling that what they’re using isn’t harming the environment. Implementing renewable energies and features can also cut your overall energy costs, saving your company money for years to come.

Upgrade Your Office Design

Technology is changing the way your business operates, but it should also change the design of your space. If you’re still working with a dark and dull interior design, let iSpace Office Interiors help in planning a new workspace. We’ll help you integrate those new technologies and give you a brand new space that’s attractive and cutting edge. Get your quote on our website or call (317) 694-7197.

Photo Credit: Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels