Companies worldwide are working towards being more environmentally friendly, and by doing so, they are realizing that there are significant business savings involved. Not only are there tax credits and less clutter and mess around the office, but there is also more cash to spend elsewhere, save, or invest back into the business.

iSpace Office Interiors has been witnessing companies around Indianapolis and the surrounding areas go green. They’re doing so in creative ways, and the result is a happier, healthier workplace with employees who take pride in their work and feel as though what they’re doing matters in the community and the environment. Here are five “green” cost-saving ideas that you could implement in your business today!

  1. Eliminating Paper Waste

Paper waste is one of the biggest culprits of company waste. Your business can go green when you consciously scale back your reliance on printer paper, paper cups, and other paper materials throughout your entire organization. Instead, shift your company to cloud-based computing and provide everyone with individual desk scanners. This shift allows your employees to scan, upload, save, and share the same documents they normally would but without the paper copies or paper trails. Other free online platforms such as Google Drive allow you to quickly create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with different people throughout the organization without wasting a single sheet of paper.

  1. Installing Water Coolers

Many employers are paying monthly for those massive bulky jugs of water for their office water cooler. This hydration system is not only a significant expense for the business, but it’s also unhealthy for your employees and the environment. Plastic bottles take up crucial resources during production, and stagnant water in the jugs can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Shift away from these plastic jugs and look for water coolers that tap directly into your municipal water sources but provide a clean, reliable stream of drinking water. You’ll feel good about limiting your impact on the environment, and your employees will feel more hydrated and focused throughout the day.

  1. Lowering Utility Bills

The electrical bill is another considerable expense, especially for larger businesses. Many companies pay thousands of dollars every month to keep the lights on, but they don’t realize that they’re paying for inefficient lightbulbs. One way to go green and experience some cost savings is to upgrade the lightbulbs throughout your company. Take it a step further and install light sensors in the bathrooms or utility closets that don’t require the lights to be on at all times. The lights will be activated once someone steps into the room and then will shut off automatically after a certain amount of time.

  1. Investing in Landscaping

Landscaping around your stand-alone building or office suite is a great way to give back to the environment. Greenery and florals take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and put oxygen back into it. Furthermore, you’ll be enticing your employees to spend their breaks and lunches outdoors getting fresh air and returning to their tasks feeling inspired and refreshed. Greenery around your building can also reduce the airborne allergens that cause many employees to call in sick or make them feel ill during the day, decreasing their productivity.

  1. Choosing the Right Vendors

One creative way to help your business go green and experience some cost savings is to be picky about the vendors you work with. When you’re on the lookout for vendors with green initiatives woven into their own business, they pass those savings along to you as a partner or customer. Companies that don’t rely on paper or have found ways to limit their electricity use are more likely to share your same vision for doing business and be willing to work with you. This partnership could also drum up more business for both you and for them, as you’re more likely to refer those that share similar business practices to others.

Go Green in Your Office

Going green in the office can be a struggle for some businesses. Often, we see clients who lack the right layout, infrastructure or plan to execute cost savings. If you’re looking for new, environmentally conscious furniture or a new office design that allows for more natural light and less energy waste, let our project managers and designers help you. For a free quote, contact us online or call (317) 694-7197.

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