Today’s office culture is changing. Thanks to technology and activity-based working, workers are experiencing more flexibility with their working conditions. The traditional tethered-to-a-desk office design is quickly giving way to open office spaces, with breakout spaces for private phone calls and meetings. As more millennials and GenZers enter the workforce, companies are constantly looking for different ways to attract new, younger talent. One of the ways they’re doing this is through hot-desking.

While rather untraditional, these new office space designs and the idea of being unchained from behind the desk is essentially changing the business strategy, and employees are more productive when they get to sit where they please or come and go from the office throughout the day. iSpace Office Interiors is a leader in office design and providing companies with various open spaces, shared meeting rooms, and hot desks. If you’re considering this avenue for your business, here is what you need to know as far as opportunities and drawbacks.

Hot-Desking Defined

Hot-desking is the practice of allocating desks to workers when they are required to be in the office, rather than assigning individual desks to each worker. In open floor plans, the number of employees tends to outnumber the desks. This means companies have to get creative with space while remaining cost-efficient.

Pros of Hot Desks

Saves Time, Space & Money

Hot-desking is an excellent way for companies to cut costs on desks while still providing a tidy, functional, and aesthetically appealing workstation. With an open floor plan and flexible seating, some business owners could cut their business costs by 30%. Hot desks are also great for companies that lack floor space or have little room in their brick and mortar location. Companies can feel free to expand with open desk seating without making significant upgrades to their rental space or building.

Creates a Collaborative Environment

Office culture and social interaction between different departments and roles are often struggles for organizations, especially for larger corporations. But with hot-desking, employees have the freedom to sit and mingle with whomever they want throughout the day. This not only creates a more cohesive environment, but it also sparks creativity, brings in new perspectives to business problems, and encourages teamwork. By keeping your office floor plan open and inviting, you encourage employees to cross-train and cross-communicate without even realizing they’re doing so.

Presents a Tidy Office Space

Messy offices and desks are often an eyesore for companies. When glass panels and walls are all that stand between an executive suite and the rest of the company, very little goes unnoticed. However, hot desks encourage a cleaner, tidier workplace. Employees who hop from desk to desk with each passing day are more likely to keep their workspaces clean and clear. No one wants to share a workspace with a messy coworker.

Cons of Hot Desks 

Staff Doesn’t Have Designated Offices

Some might argue that not having a designated office leaves them feeling like they don’t know where they belong within your organization. While there’s no doubt that some positions require a private office, not everyone needs this space, especially with technology allowing many employees to work from anywhere. Companies are getting around this feeling by providing their employees with private meeting rooms and areas for them to take personal phone calls without leaving the building.

Other Staff Can be Disruptive

It’s true that open office floor plans can be noisy and are often an invitation for disruptions. Some employees who get distracted easily or feel that they can socialize in the middle of the afternoon could take advantage of your open concept. Still, it’s essential to remind them of the importance of their work. You can eliminate distractions by allowing employees to listen to headphones, encourage conversations in designated meeting rooms, or allow some employees to work from home.

IT Needs Can Increase

Hot-desking comes with an IT cost, especially if you’re supplying room or desk space for those who work from laptops. Hardwire connections to the internet, lights, and other portable charging outlets are often necessary with mobile devices. But some companies are willing to pay for better and more advanced technology instead of providing everyone with their own office or desk.

Design a New Floor Plan

iSpace Office Interiors specializes in helping businesses utilize their space while still creating an inviting and opening office atmosphere. Our outstanding team of designers and project managers will work with you to make the most efficient and unique floor plan that is functional and meets all of your business needs while remaining cost-effective. If you’re looking for office furniture, we’ve also got you covered there. To learn more, contact us today at (317) 694-7197.

Photo Credit: Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash