The office Christmas card often goes unappreciated. They often tend to be generic, boring, and sent out to the masses on your company’s behalf. But iSpace Office Interiors wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way for this year’s card.

If you want to wow your clients and your employees, why not think outside the box this year? 2020 has been a challenging year, and we could all use a little more holiday cheer. Here are several creative card ideas for your office that will help you spread joy, love, and even a little laughter.

Five Office Christmas Card Ideas 

  1. Highlight Accomplishments

If there was ever a year to highlight accomplishments, 2020 has been it. Still, highlighting achievements is an excellent ever-green idea you can reference year after year. Did your company solve a significant customer problem? Did you reach a new milestone or goal as an organization? Or did you simply beat all odds and are ending the year at the top of your game? Either way, showcasing your company’s accomplishments in a Christmas card is a great way to build trust and ring in the new year strong.

  1. Include a Picture of Ugly Sweaters

Spread a little laughter and cheer this holiday season. A great creative Christmas card idea for your office could include coordinating an ugly Christmas sweater photoshoot. Make a day of the whole thing and encourage everyone to wear an ugly sweater to the office. Then spend the day taking candid photos of your teams. You could also host a pre-holiday sweater party, set up a photo booth, and encourage each department to take silly pictures. Run a competition of the silly pictures in your office to select the cover of the card.

  1. Send Cards with Folds

Another creative Christmas card idea could be to send folded designs that unravel to surprise its recipient with a gift card for your company or another special gift. This kind of holiday card takes some special planning but is sure to stand out once the envelope is opened. If you’re looking for a way to spoil your clients or your employees, then this might be a great option. This is also an excellent alternative to the traditional office card for inter-department gift-giving, especially from upper management to their teams.

  1. Animated Figures of Your Team

If you didn’t host a sweater party or don’t have the time to plan for folds and special gift certificates, then you could settle for some good old photoshopping. Putting your team’s smiling faces on elf bodies or replacing the lightbulbs on a strand of lights with their faces is not only going to stand out, but it will likely make your recipients smile. Include a funny message about kicking out the old year and ringing in the new, and make sure you include your gratitude for all that your clients or teams have done for your company.

  1. Group Caricatures

Who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing themselves as cartoons? Having an artist or graphic designer create a Christmas card for your office that showcases all of your employees as miniature caricatures is a creative way to stand out from all the other greeting cards this year. These caricatures are often whimsical and showcase your employees doing outlandish or silly things, so putting them on your Christmas card will make your entire company smile.

Make the Most of the Holiday Season

iSpace Office Interiors not only helps businesses with their office furniture and space planning, but we also provide professional printing services, including printing for your creative Christmas cards for your office. Located near the heart of Indianapolis means we have a wide service area and can quickly get your holiday cards printed and delivered. Contact us today to get your design uploaded and your stack of cards on time.

Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash