Company holiday parties are some of the best times. These parties are usually full of laughter, fun, and celebration for a year well-done, and they are a great way to connect with co-workers outside of the usual office setting. However, one wrong move and your entire work reputation could be ruined. Maybe you have too much eggnog and fall down the stairs, or you use a few creative words with your boss and have to face him come Monday morning. Either way, the office party is undoubtedly not going to be your typical holiday party.

However, navigating the world of company holiday parties doesn’t have to be a drag. To help you enjoy yourself yet still maintain a level of professionalism in the workplace, iSpace Office Interiors offers up a list of office party etiquette do’s and don’ts.



Whether your invite comes via email, telephone, or mail, make sure you respond within 48 hours. In the case of company holiday parties, your attendance is likely to be mandatory, so even if you don’t want to attend, you should still plan to go. Not attending could send a negative message to your boss and owner of the company.

Even if you absolutely cannot attend, you should still plan on RSVPing, and you should do so as soon as possible. This response will allow your company to prepare food and drinks accordingly. This will also help them budget for the right amount of seating if there will be a more formal sit-down dinner.

Arrive and depart on time

On the night of the party, make sure you arrive on time. Arriving late to a company work party is often inappropriate, especially if there are events lined up at a specific time. Many companies include a cocktail hour before the party’s official beginning, ensuring everyone can arrive on time and mingle. Planning your arrival within the first 20 minutes is always a safe bet.

When it comes to departing, make sure you leave at a reasonable time after the party has concluded. Lingering around the lobby or chatting in groups is rude to the host or catering staff, who are still there waiting to clean up.


Wear anything inappropriate

We get it – it can be tempting to want to slip on something less work-related for a holiday party! However, you should still remember that colleagues and co-workers will surround you. If the party is a black-tie event, make sure you come dressed for the occasion, whether it’s in a tuxedo or a modest yet fancy ballgown. Don’t show up in blue jeans and a sports coat, hoping to fit in. It would be best if you also avoided low-cut blouses and short skirts. Dressing appropriately is just part of practicing office party etiquette.

Binge eat or drink

Another aspect of office party etiquette often overlooked is the rules surrounding the open bar and buffet. It’s not uncommon for employers to splurge on their employee holiday parties, providing people with free drinks and food, but that doesn’t mean you have to binge. Instead, take a small sampling of a few dishes and keep your drink intake to two cocktails or beers for the night. This restraint will ensure that you leave enough food for everyone, and you don’t become so intoxicated that you embarrass yourself or your company.

Give Them Something to Talk About

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