In any business, staff meetings are essential, both for large groups and for each department. Yet, everyone dreads getting that email or calendar notification specifying the time and place for another meeting. And we get it! Meetings can be long and tedious or even downright unnecessary for everyone who attends, but that’s not how it should be!

As a business ourselves, iSpace Office Interiors knows all too well how inefficient and ineffective a meeting can be when it’s not planned and structured correctly. Here are our top five tips for having an effective staff meeting every time!

  1. Develop a “Less Is More” Attitude

When you plan a meeting, you should always consider the amount of time you have and how much you want to accomplish. However, you should avoid cramming a long list of different complex business topics into one meeting, if at all possible. Instead, keep your session to a minimum of three to five subjects and list them in the order of importance. This will allow time for more open dialogue and discussion about various business functions and team challenges. The less you have stacked into each meeting, the more you will accomplish.

  1. Link the Agenda Ahead of Time

Before you hit that send button on a calendar invite or email about an upcoming meeting, you might want to consider linking the entire schedule so your teams know what to expect when they show up. Making the agenda known will also allow employees to come prepared with their thoughts, questions, or solution, which can, in turn, create a more productive meeting. Linking the agenda ahead of time also gives managers time to coordinate with project leaders, giving them a better understanding of the various projects happening within your business. When everyone comes ready, you’ll find that you get more done.

  1. Tie Everything Back to Overall Goals

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotional weeds of a staff meeting. Sometimes things can get heated between departments, or frustrations can run high with a bottleneck in one department or another. Here is where your leadership skills should take over, and you should remind everyone of your business’s overarching goal and mission. Reminding people of why they do what they do for your organization will not only boost morale, but it will also help them stay focused. This could also serve as a kickstart for those struggling with their tasks by reminding them that they are part of a bigger picture and what they do matters throughout the entire company.

  1. Incorporate Everyone

Whether you’re hosting a meeting of 5 or 25, you should always try to incorporate everyone. Each team member should feel heard and receive constructive feedback or collaboration from their co-workers. When you encourage everyone to share their workflow challenges or difficulties with specific tasks, you will find that you’ve opened the door for more workplace cohesion. Employees who work together or even cross-train in various departments are more likely to increase your business’s value by offering new insights and perspectives. And it can all start in your team meetings when everyone has a chance to share.

  1. Add Some Fun

Not everything has to be about business all the time. You can have an effective staff meeting yet still keep it light and fun. Team meetings are a great place to build trust and camaraderie among your group. Take advantage of the first few minutes of every session by engaging everyone in an activity. Often, a team game is a great way to break the ice for new employees and gives your team a chance to loosen up. You can play trivia games and give away small prizes, or you can even highlight team members with funny rewards every week.

We Give You the Space for Effective Team Meetings

No office would have effective staff meetings without the right meeting area. Thankfully, iSpace Office Interiors has you covered. We can help your business design the perfect conference and board rooms that are perfect for all your team meetings. With stylish furniture and enough table space for everyone, we ensure no meeting is ever dull again. We can even redesign your entire office or reception area! Give us a call today at (855) 356-1200.

Photo Credit: Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash