Creating a harmonious workplace doesn’t end with updating your furniture or layout with iSpace Office Interiors. We’re just part of the process when it comes to creating an office environment that’s enjoyable for everyone. Unfortunately, comfortable and updated furniture can’t eliminate the stress and tension that can exist when office personalities clash.

As hard as you try, not everyone will jive in perfect harmony, and when personalities and perspectives differ, the workplace becomes stressful. When this happens, your employees are more likely to engage in tactical and unproductive behavior. So, to help you combat these office conflicts, here are five tips for creating a harmonious workplace.

  1. Show Gratitude

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the day’s activities and conducting business that we forget about manners. It’s also not uncommon for some employees to feel overlooked when they go above and beyond. If you’re in a management position, you need to make an extra effort to show appreciation to your teams. It’s incredible what a small thank you for a job well done can do for a team member. If you want to recognize them with something special, take them out for coffee or invite them to lunch. But don’t stop there – make sure to show your gratitude daily if you want to create a harmonious workplace.

  1. Listen Carefully

With so many different personalities in one place, conflict is sure to arise. So, when your co-workers or team members bring their grievances to your desk, don’t ignore them. This can only further escalate the situation. Instead, be proactive and give them your full attention when they need to express themselves. If you don’t have time immediately, always leave the option to schedule an appointment on the table. This open-door policy will give you time to mentally prepare for the conversation and ensure you can actively listen without being interrupted. Listening can go a long way, and often talking about a scenario aloud can create a solution, allowing team members to find common ground.

  1. Socialize Outside the Office

Creating a harmonious workplace doesn’t always have to involve activities within the office. Try getting your team together for an activity outside of the workplace. These events can encourage team building and relationships that haven’t sparked within the workplace. You can put this on the calendar with a monthly happy hour, picnic, or a friendly bowling or softball tournament on a Saturday afternoon. This relaxed environment allows your employees to see each other outside of the office without pressure to conduct work. It can also create a positive working environment when there are shared stories to tell.

  1. Button-Up Work Processes

Obstacles in the work process are bound to happen and are usually unavoidable. However, they can also cause more stress and slow down the entire workday. As a business owner or manager, you should be looking for ways to improve the work process or button-up operations to streamline the workload. There are plenty of applications and tools that you can use such as the cloud for easy file sharing and online invoicing for faster payment. You can also offer more flexible working hours to give your team a better work/life balance, which then translates into higher productivity.

  1. Invest in Employee Education

Education plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious workplace. Team members who feel as though they can’t climb the corporate ladder will often lose steam and become unsatisfied with their jobs. Even if your company can’t offer a step upward for some positions, it’s still essential that they feel like your organization cares about their work. By investing in their education and offering courses to assist them at bettering their craft, you make lost employees feel found. A new course or training can make them feel valued, and they may even discover some new ideas that can help the business.

Create Harmony and Balance

iSpace Office Interiors specializes in creating harmony and balance when it comes to your office layout and furniture. We have various designs in workstations, chairs, or complete office suites. We’ll even spruce up the place with a new paint color or can perform an ergonomic analysis. To learn more about us or request your quote, call us today at (317) 694-7197 or (855) 356-1200.

Photo Credit: Photo by Kylie Haulk on Unsplash