Whether you like it or not, every aspect of your business is up for some criticism. Employees and customers will judge (consciously and subconsciously) everything from the color of the carpet to the art hanging on the walls. Furthermore, it’s naïve to assume that just because you have a friendly staff or great products and services, you won’t be judged on the other physical aspects of your business.

At iSpace Office Interiors, we solve this problem for small, medium, and large-sized businesses throughout Indianapolis, Indiana. We know how important the aesthetics of your company are, which is why we offer nothing but the best in interior design, space planning, and office furniture. If you’re still not convinced that it’s time to evaluate these areas of your company, then keep reading and learn how your office design affects your bottom line.

Areas of your Business that Matter

Every area of your business building matters and has a purpose. The design of the space can have an impact on employee mood, productivity, output, and customer relations. According to Gensler, the four main work modes of your business are:

  • Focus – offices and desks that provide personal space and are ergonomically designed for each employee.
  • Collaboration – lounges, niche spaces, co-creation spaces, and teamwork or project collaboration rooms that boost employee participation and morale.
  • Socialization – lunchrooms, genius bars, and other areas designed to build socialization and co-worker comradery.
  • Training – resources such as in-house libraries, learning areas, and training manuals made for each specific job.

Four Ways Office Design Can Impact Your Business

  1. Employee Productivity

Believe it or not, the design of workspaces can have a significant impact on employee productivity, mood, and morale. If your office design consists of just rows of cubicles, dull and dingy desks, and very little storage space, then your business could suffer. Studies have shown that an employee’s well-being is strongly correlated with their job performance. While you and your managers can do everything to keep your teams motivated, a poor office design could bring your employees down and restrict them from reaching their full potential.

  1. Recruitment and Retention

Everyone knows that a company with a firm footing has a low turnover rate. Yet, no one seems to address that a poor office design can make even the most loyal team members frustrated. When people become irritated with their office spaces, they tend to look for employment elsewhere, which means this not only hurts your business’s capabilities but also affects your bottom line.

  1. Customer Interactions

Next to your team members, customers are the next most important thing to your business, having the most significant impact on your bottom line. Without people willing to purchase your products or services, you don’t have a business. However, an office design that doesn’t allow for easy customer interactions and productive relationships will discourage them from coming to you in the future and hinder you from bringing in any new business. You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable, and an efficient office design can help you achieve just that.

  1. Security

When you think about it, how does your current office design keep your business secure? Whether you must shield customer data and records or keep merchandise hidden, the layout of your space could affect your bottom line. You might also want to protect specific projects from the view of your front office or lobby, in which case you’ll need a better office design. If people don’t feel safe in your business or don’t want to do business with you because of your office configuration, it could affect your bottom line.

Let iSpace Design Your Office Space

Does your current office design leave you cringing every time you step into the office? Then let iSpace Office Interiors re-think this space for you! Our interior design experts are here to help you bring your vision to life. We understand the impact of an open, friendly, welcoming office space and how the design can impact your bottom line. To get a free quote or check out some of our innovative and stylish office furniture, call us today at (317) 694-7197.

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/office-sitting-room-executive-730681/