The front desk is often the first place your guests visit when they step foot inside your business. This means your reception area is a customer’s first impression and first look inside your business. Besides greeting them with friendly faces, you should also look to WOW them with a stunning office design. However, your reception lobby should also be functional and efficient.

At iSpace Office Interiors, we specialize in designing and building reception areas that are both practical and stylish. Our team takes all your business needs into account, looking for every way to optimize your front desk efficiency. With a reception area that looks as good as it operates, you’re sure to have both happy customers and happy employees.

Why Front Desk Efficiency is Important

Front desk efficiency guarantees that your customers or guests have a pleasant first experience. Even if they’re a routine customer, their interactions with your front desk should always be welcoming and positive. The design of your space can have a significant impact on whether you achieve this. If your reception area lacks a certain flow or doesn’t match your company’s atmosphere, then here are several ways you can optimize your front desk.

Three Tips to Optimize Front Desk Efficiency

  1. Let all the Natural Light In

Whether you realize it or not, lighting plays a critical role in front desk efficiency. If you keep your front office dimly light, you could find sleepy, groggy employees come mid-afternoon. On the flip side, fluorescent lights can leave team members feeling irritable and unmotivated to work. Natural light is always the best source of lighting, and if your office has it, make use of it! Letting in more light to your front office not only cheers up your staff but will also be a warm welcome to your guests. Happier employees are more like to be efficient, creative, and energized throughout the entire working day.

  1. Make Ergonomics a Priority

Before you go picking out new reception and lobby furniture, keep the ergonomics of your employees in mind. Nothing can make coming to work a dreadful experience like back pain from an uncomfortable chair or headaches from the monitor being in the wrong position. Space planning this out will help you visualize what your front office needs and can help make things more efficient. Ergonomic desks and chairs help keep your employees focused on their work, boosting front desk efficiency.

  1. Have Fun with Decor

Nothing can kill the vibe and efficiency of your reception area like dull, drabby walls. Employees who must look at blank walls all day are less likely to be productive and motivated. So, give your lobby some character with hand-chosen art or a few of plants. You might even paint an inspirational quote that your organization lives by on one wall. This will add some life to your lobby and help keep your employees motivated, cheerful, and creative. You’ll also help set the mood and tone for customers as they walk through the door.

Give Guests a Warm Welcome with iSpace Office Interiors

iSpace Office Interiors offers reception desks, space planning, and comfortable seating that matches the look and feel of your business. With a stylish and functional space, you’ll leave your guests with an unforgettable experience and make coming to work a pleasure for your employees. To learn more about how we can create an intelligent and intuitive workspace and optimize your front desk efficiency, contact us a call at (317) 694-7197.

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