Your breakroom is just as important as your office space. It’s more than just space for your employees to refill their coffee or chow down their lunches. The status of this seemingly simple room lets your employees know how much you care about them and what type of culture they’re working for. This is one area you do not want to cut corners.

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 ways you can improve your breakroom, enhance your company’s culture, and boost morale.

  1. Provide a place for conversation

When you create a break room, you want to design it with your employees in mind. Part of this is creating a space for them to talk and get to know each other. Not only will it provide an outlet for them to problem solve, but it can also help promote collaboration in the office as well.

  1. Create a relaxing design

Creating a relaxing interior design in your break room can help your employees relax from the stressors of the day. No one likes to relax in a room that resembles a hospital. Opt instead for calming colors, comfortable furniture, dining tables, couches, plants, and natural lighting.

  1. Keep it separate from the office

For your employees to get the most out of their breaks, they need to actually take a break. Yes, this means actually stepping away from their work environment. As a business owner, this thought might sound counterintuitive. But recent studies have actually shown that taking breaks at work actually increases productivity. In fact, for ultimate efficiency, you should take short 5-minute breaks away from your desk every hour.

  1. Offer healthy snacks, drinks, and coffee

Have you ever tried to work on a dehydrated, hungry brain? The result is not inspiring. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Providing pure water, endless coffee, and light snacks such as granola bars or nuts, is an easy way to boost focus thus increasing productivity. Plus, it will make your employees feel cared about.

  1. Make it fun

The easiest way to create a break room that your employees love? Make it fun! Leave out board games or hook a PlayStation up to the T.V. Better yet, provide a ping-pong table or basketball hoop and create a running challenge.

Not only will this make breaks more fun, but it will also encourage team bonding and get your employees up and moving.

The Benefits of a Better Break Room

As a business owner, you’ll find a lot of payback in providing a break room for your employees to converse, refuel, and relax in. A better breakroom can improve morale, encourage collaboration, reinforce your core values, boost productivity, and create happier, healthier employees.

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Photo Credit: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash